I'm looking for someone to do one on one Christian teachings with me. Maybe give me some Passages to read through and we could discuss them together, sort of like little lessons. I'd prefer for this to be a daily thing, but I'm understanding of people's schedules. I'd also prefer the person teaching me to have more wisdom than I do in the subject, meaning I'd like if they were a little bit older than I am. I'm not trying to be ageist, I'd just rather have someone with more time on this Earth to ponder Christianity and having more experiences with it.
If you're interested please reply letting me know and then I'll send you a message!
HillyHana HillyHana
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My advice is to read the New Testament first. Then the old testament. If the verses are long, read one verse and a psalm. If they are short read a few and psalm. 30 psalms for 30 days. :) Good luck and God Bless!!

Good grief. I misunderstood. LoL My favorite verse is John 14:3

You can hit me up, I'd love to share the faith. I'm kind of like the first guy, I'm more of a responder, but I read from Genesis to Revelation, that's the best way I knew how, since it's in chronological order. Like the first guy said, you should always pray for understanding and knowledge of what you're about to read, before everytime you read.

Yeah thats what i did. I read from Genesis to Revelation. But i think that a new seeker should read the message of Jesus and get the Gospel message first.. Then they can go back and read the Old Testament.. Anyway I hope hillyhana is guided by the Holy Spirit and comes to the truth she needs to respond to. :)

I am more of a responder to questions. But i would advise you to read the 4 Gospels as written. And then read the remainder of the New Testament. I am always open to messages from you seeking answers to your questions. I will also encourage to to ask God to guide you in understanding what you are reading. May you be guided and may you be open to being lead by Him.