I don't get why Christians bash people for believing in a different religion like you will be condemned if you don't give your soul to Jesus or something. Now this is not bashing the religion I think Christianity works but I also think Buddhism Hinduism Islam Judaism and other religions work there's a reason there still around and that's because they all work why do people think there's only one defined path to god so many wars are fought over what people interpret and god would never have told anybody to kill people because they believe differently he would've said embrace them and love them because they are all religions lead to the same thing and that's to god who cares how someone gets their don't quote a book that's been changed thousands of times by mankind not god he didn't write the bible the Torah the Quran etc mankind did and have changed them throughout history. hating and discriminating and spreading animosity to people doesn't help us it puts us further behind in our growth as a race only when we start to love and show peace will we grow together
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Most Christians do not bash others for their beliefs. In Christianity, belief in Jesus, the Son of God is only way to heaven. What you believe is your completely your choice. A Christian isn't going to believe anything different to please society. Jesus, Son of God is what separates all religions from each other.

Thank you! Finally someone who doesn't try to force it down my throat :) I disagree with you but it makes me happy your not forcing it down my throat a lot of people try to do that

It is a teaching of the Christianity that Jesus is the ONLY WAY for anyone to gain eternity with God. So it is a central part of the Faith to believe this and to share this with others. I do not really understand why people find this hard to understand. It is like they simply think it is a claim Christians have just recently made up by themselves.. No it was a statement that Jesus made in the Gospel and it have been around for near on 2000 years. So it is a central doctrine of the Christian faith. Jesus is the Only Way for a human to gain eternal life with God. There is no other way.

I know I'm just saying people get caught up in what happened when and where and trying to interpret what things mean instead of focusing on the lesson and that's to share peace and love and let's just run a hypothetical here whoever Jesus told the only way is through me how do you know he said those exact words or not something similar and someone misunderstood then the whole religion is based of a lie and before you say anything that's not what I'm saying it was just a hypothetical it could've happened but it probably didn't I'm just saying if that were true then see how quickly all the rest of these books come down on you and I'm not just saying this about Christians I said all books weren't by god himself it's from people being told understanding them in there own way passing them down then someone else understanding it different till it's a mish mash of different beliefs and contradictions this is in all the religions but they all teach the same important principle just in different ways and that is to love one another instead of hating each other I'm not trying to argue or say anyone is wrong

"""Jesus told the only way is through me how do you know he said those exact words """"

Because the Atonement and eternal life through the forgiveness of ones sins is the only Way to eternal life with a perfect God in a perfect existence. Once a person does One sin they are less then 100% perfect and this they have no place in a perfect eternal existence. God can only allow perfection to exists with him in a perfect existence and the only way He can justly transform us into perfect beings is to justly forgive us of all our sins. So He offers forgiveness through the Atonement of Jesus and a gift to those who believe. :::It is justice to have mercy on the repentant::: This Jesus is the Only Way to God..

In the end one either believes the Gospels or they don't. Also time and time again people say that Christians are forcing their views on others. There is no forcing in simply sharing your belief with others. You are putting your beliefs out there in the public domain to give others the opportunity to either accept or reject the Message. No one is forced to accept or reject anything.

Please try and put yourself in a Christians position for a few seconds. If you truly believed that the only way to eternal life with God in a perfect existence was via believing Jesus and trusting in the atonement He provided for the forgiveness of peoples sins would you not want to tell all the human beings of the world about it out of the hope to save them from eternal destruction? Like if you cared for other people would you keep your mouth shut simply because the message might cause some of them a little bit of discomfort? If you have a message that you think saves people and you got an ounce of love for your fellow human beings you will tell them about it...

Believe me I used to be think Christianity was the only way I used to try to shove it down peoples throats and got mad when they wouldn't listen I had family friends and everyone else mad at me so I realized that id put it out there if people didn't like it id stop telling them and hoped they'd find it on their own so I get it I get the feeling of wanting to tell everyone and it's not just religion that people shove stuff down people's throats it's almost everything lol so I'm not trying to single out

Well i never get mad at people for rejecting the Message. I get sad for them. I will also do my best to try different angles and use different analogies in my attempts to get the message across. But when someone clearly rejects the Message then i let them go. But it is still hard to let a person go when you know they are headed for an eternity in a lake of fire. Yes some Christians are under the wrong impression that it is their responsibility to win over a person to belief. They think if they fail then they are responsible for that person going to hell. That is false thinking. It is the Holy Spirit that works with people not us.

I am able to walk away with peace of mind. But only if i am sure that the person knows what it is they have rejected.

But I also at one point started reading up on other religions and reading their books and everything I would then think oh Islam is right then oh no Judaism is right Islam contradicts itself oh wait no Christianity is Judaism contradicts itself then Buddhism cause Christians contradicts itself the point is all religions contradict themselves and and they all have some truth I'll be honest I think the way to god is through ourselves but that's a topic for another time

Well kwill. You have decided that Christianity contradicts itself. If you are under a misconception and if i am able to answer some of these contractions you believe exist then i will be happy to. Message me at any time if you would like to discuss these things.

I don't have the time tonight it's late and I have to get up early tommorow but i just don't think any religion can be without blemish because we are humans we are not perfect and in every religion we have had religions for thousands of years I just don't we have ever not used religion as a way to gain power a way to get famous or a way to get rich and maybe embellished a little and told people false stuff I'm not saying god did this I just think people in the past have used it to gain things and changed it to help them whatever there religion be and then that gets passed down and the next generation still thinks it's the word of god and believes it an it keeps on happening throughout the past as time comes closer to today Every religion is twisted and turned from what the actual beliefs and words of god were and then people try to read up on it and there are so many different opinions from people and it's nearly impossible to tell if it's true or not I just wish people wouldn't follow so blindly and and get mad when people don't share there beliefs and this is a wierd spot to end at but I feel really tired and I don't want to write something half thinking ya know? Well goodnight

Good night Kwill.

See you tomorrow sometimes hopefully. Please feel free to message me some time.

I might take you up on that your a very very intellectual person and that's hard to come by these days take care :)

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Question, do you believe Jesus is a liar? He said "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" John 14:6 I can't speak for everyone who calls themselves a Christian, but true Christians don't bash, we just know other religions are false. You've bought into the lie that all religions are the same, but how can this be when all of them contradict one another?

I never said I'm a Christian and I'm not trying to bash your religion the same goes for Islam Buddhism and Judaism etc people in every religion do it they bash others for not believing what they believe and I never said they were all the same I said they lead to the same place( not an actual place) but just being in touch with god in your everyday life I'm just saying so what if they contradict who said there was one path carved in stone everyone had to follow

There is disagreement and then there is bashing.. Too often people see disagreement and think that it is bashing, when it is simply disagreement. Two people can disagree on the topic of religion but that does not mean they are about to bash each other. I think too often onlookers over react to a passionate discussion and think it is about to explode into a fight. When it never does.

I agree with you 100% adstar and I might have chose the wrong word choice in saying bash and I apologize it makes it seem like I'm telling people there wrong and I'm not trying to I'm just trying bring different ideas to people and if they believe it or not then that is up to them I can not disrespect another mans beliefs or desicions they are his and I respect them just as I ask others to respect mine I just try to share what I think with others I have no idea what the truth is and admitting that is the first step to finding the truth because that's what we all seek is truth

And by the way adstars I have to compliment you as you seem like a very intellectual person I admire that :)

I was never asserting that you implied you were Christian, I wasn't getting defensive. Jesus, Jesus said there was only one path. How can they all lead to the same place, when they contradict? For example, Christianity says do not murder, but Islam tells you to kill anyone who doesn't submit to Allah?

I apologize for that and maybe he was misinterpreted instead of one path maybe he said the only way to peace is through god or something and maybe people embellished a little and twisted some of the words and I mean I think it would be pretty hard to think straight if a divine being was talking to me lol id be more awestruck than focused and I've read all of the books that is not what Islam teaches that is a extreme radical group and only a few percent of islam followers that go to the extreme and don't know what they are talking about that's not what the book teaches that's what they teach

No disrespect, just correcting you. The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter. I respect your belief, I'm just giving you information, you do with it what you will, but there is a correct belief and a wrong belief. Sure, it's a nice thought that everyone will make it, but that's just false.

I agree to a point with you I think there is a "god" but I thinks it's the universe and I think we are one with it and nature and we can reach or connect with it through meditation through what is called out "third eye" or in scientific terms the pineal gland look it up if you want I think it's enlightening but I'm not gunna try to force you to look it up :)

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There is no salvation outside of the Church. If you do not believe in Her Dogmas and obey Her edicts, you place your immortal soul in grave jeopardy.

How so?

By the form of worship, one indicates a number of things, but primary among them are the identity and demands of whichever deity is purportedly being worshiped. It is apparent by their worship and doctrines that non-Christian (Read: non-Catholic) religions and sects worship some other deity than our Triune God or else worship him in a manner that displeases him. They do not teach truth, but falsehood, and God, who abhors falsehood, condemns these errors. The one, true Church is free from blemish or error, and only within Her is the deposit of Faith protected from the malicious forces who would destroy Her. If you would like to know more, message me. The following passage is taken from Pope Pius XI's Encyclical MORTALIUM ANIMOS:

"Such attempts can nowise be approved by Catholics, founded as they are on that false opinion which considers all religions to be more or less good and praiseworthy, since they all in different ways manifest and signify that sense which is inborn in us all, and by which we are led to God and to the obedient acknowledgment of His rule. Not only are those who hold this opinion in error and deceived, but also in distorting the idea of true religion they reject it, and little by little, turn aside to naturalism and atheism, as it is called; from which it clearly follows that one who supports those who hold these theories and attempt to realize them, is altogether abandoning the divinely revealed religion."

Hmm okay I disagree but I respect your opinion plus it's late and I have to get up early so I don't have the time to continue this debate but I respect your opinion and I'd hope that you respect mine as well whether it's what you believe or not

Before you go, I would like to know why you continue in your dissent even in the face of all this evidence.

Because there's not really a true way to tell if it's evidence without following blindly because there's no way of knowing if people preached false things down throughout history for their own benefit of power fame or wealth i just feel like they were the real words of god at one point but there not anymore and that's why all religions contradict themselves but I do admire you because you take the time to search for truth and knowledge and there are some people who are to lazy and just believe everything they hear

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