I am a strong Christian and would love to help anyone with questions or advice:)
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Do you believe the bible is literally true or that it should be read as metaphorical? Also, do you think the English versions we have now can be trusted to be what you think God originally intended it to say?

I've been going through a very tough time in my life at the moment, details are very long winded but the main bits include psychosis and feeling like I died and have gone to hell. I have become extremely religious and I just keep asking God for help, to help me through this but I can't help thinking there is no hope of me getting better

God gives us all hardships and I would suggest you see a Christian or religious counselor of some sort. God gives us challenges to grow closer to him. Keep praying and talking to god! I will pray for you:)

Good for you...but i'm just an average human being...& me too will love to help everyone with questions or advice...GBU

ive been brought up by atheists and so i dont know a thing about god literally not a thing can u tell me abit about it then but dumbed down abit

Just read the bible. You can access it online in any version at BibleGateway.com. I recommend the English Standard Version. It seems to be the closest to the manuscripts and the least biased. Reading the Bible without any denominational presuppositions is a good opportunity to see what you make if the text itself without reading between the lines what people say is there but has no scriptural basis. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. I am not a believer, but I do study the bible secularly and it is an important piece of cultural literature. I thinks it's important for anyone in our society to be familiar with it.

God created the universe and when he put people on earth he told them they could have anything they wanted except the fruit from a single tree. Satan told them that they don't need to listen so thy are the fruit and thus created sin which creates the barrier between us and god. So god send his son Jesus to be killed so that he would take our sins and that if we accepted Jesus as our savior that we may be forgiven. But a lot of people see god as a mean and hurtful god but in reality he is the god of love, forgiveness and mercy. We all have hardships in life and they made me closer to god. I personally can't see my life without god, he is there for me whenever and wherever. I see him working in my life everyday.

6,000 years since creation vs. dinosaur fossils dated millions of years ago ? comment ?

So In the end everyone goes back to the questions how was god always here? And how was space always here? And I in logical terms find it more believable that the was a creator who made a planet and people rather than there was a large explosion and everything just so by chance happened to come together perfectly so that there could be life

how dumb are you?

raised by strict anti Christians so i only know evelotion theory and all ive heard of about religious people is theres a magic man in the sky figures theres more to it then that or why would people believe in it

soooo someone telll me what exactly is the theory of their being a god

God created the universe and when he put people on earth he told them they could have anything they wanted except the fruit from a single tree. Satan told them that they don't need to listen so thy are the fruit and thus created sin which creates the barrier between us and god. So god send his son Jesus to be killed so that he would take our sins and that if we accepted Jesus as our savior that we may be forgiven

Honestly if you have nothing kind to say and since you are being disrespectful I ask you to not contact me unless you decide to be mature.

tbh whatever the belive is wheather is science or religion heck anything would u still wish to question it or are u fully faithful

i like the idea of having a belief

I personally am fully faithful and I don't question my belief in god. But that kind of faith takes a lot of time and experience

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I need advice.

I'll try my best to help!

My husband and I have been married three weeks and we abstained during our courtship. I just have come to the realization that he is actually uninterested in sex. I am totally shocked, sad, demoralized, angry and hurt. What did I just get myself into? I tried to do things the right way, and look what happened! I can't live like this and don't know what to do!

You should talk to him about why this is. Maybe something happened or there is a deeper reasoning to why he isn't interested. After talking to him and finding out what the problem is I would suggest going to a marriage counselor about it and just remember to pray!

why are do you believe in god? and why are you a Christian?

I find everything in the bible to be true and I see Christianity as a relationship with god more than a religion. I personally find my life greatly improved with god and I became a much better person.

You do sound like a nice person, but I think you're quite deluded. the bible is as believable as a harry potter story.

And honestly you'd be better off spending the time you spend on god/religion on learning science.

Thank you for your opinion but my question to you is where is your proof that god isn't real? Did you know 90% of the people on this planet believe there is a god, so who is under the delusion that 90 or 10 percent?

You my dear.

with 90 % true faithful believers , there seems to be lot of crime, war and cruelty going on, the last 10% must be busy

90% just believe that there is a god of some sort doesn't mean it's mine

please dont

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Please tell me you dont hate gay people

I love everyone as god does

Thank you i hate it when people turn love thy neighbor into love thy straight person

Very well, I've a question. What is your sect?


That's unfortunate, as the Catholic Church is the ark of salvation.

I respect your opinion so I hope you would mine. I personally go by the bible and I follow that which is gods word.

I have no intention of getting into a lengthy debate with you, but I would ask you, as I do with all you "Sola scriptura" types: Who compiled the Bible?

I don't need answers to all my questions because that is where faith steps in

But there is an answer. There is a direct, concrete, historical answer to my question. That answer is the Catholic Church. Look it up, it's historical fact. So, in fact, the basis for your entire set of beliefs is that same body which you so despise, only in a form distorted by the prolonged absence of your schismatic body from the true church.

Thank you for your input and I respect your opinion

I applaud your great love for everyone :) 1 Corinthians Ch 13 love does not dishonor :)

catholisism is a harlot religion that sold out to the kings of this world. I hope you get out of that evil religion and come to the truth of the Bible.

I hope you leave the absurdity and doctrinal ambiguity of your schismatic church and follow the perfect teachings, the infallibly promulgated dogma, and the consistent wisdom of the apostolic faith, protected from error by the hand of Almighty God Himself. I have never run across any of your apostate churches that had anything remotely resembling the supreme majesty of the Church and Her irreproachable doctrine. God has given us but one Faith, and one law, and you, protestant, have forsaken those.

The catholic church has been the author of abominations against The God of Abraham for generations. They have denied the sufficiency of the atonement of the Messiah Jesus and been a great persecutor of true followers of Jesus. May you be forgiven.

I feel like your heart is in the right place but you could have a little more of Christ's love in your responses. I do compliment the wording of your responses, I think they could just be a little more loving. Again, 1 Corinthians Ch 13 verses one and two. :) I'm not sure what the Catechism would say exactly but I have no doubt that it would tell you similar since the church teaching and the bible should line up and go together hand in hand.

articulate clear-headed clever young woman. I'm very curious about you

Yes but the morals and 10 commandments are the same. Jesus died for our sins so that we may be with god and that hasn't changed

She never said she despised the Catholic religion, she has been nothing but respectful and tolerant to opinions and views posted.

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