God is a mastermind. No matter how clever you think you are, God remains supreme. It's literally so insane to me. When I'm having a good day I think to myself, "Every single thing that has happened in my life, has led me to this moment." Do you understand that? The best day of your life has yet to happen. And every single thing that happens to you from here on out, will ultimately lead up to the best day of your life.
I think about all the past relationships I've gone through. How both good and bad, has lead me to amazing ones. It makes me reconsider wanting to complain knowing that even my stumbles will help me finish the race.
God has already mapped out infinite ways that will lead to your victory. He's like an GPS that just keeps rerouting. Over and over again.
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thank the lord with gratitude for this type of understanding

Thank you(: I do

GOD bless you