Do you confess JESUS as your LORD in savior? If not please do it now, you have nothing to loose, only the world to gain. He died on the cross, so your sins could be forgiven. If you give your life to him, you will become perfect in GOD's eyes. He will no longer recognizes your sin, but see JESUS every time he looks at you. It will the be the best thing you could ever do for yourself. JESUS loves you so much, and he died on the cross so you could have eternal life! Once you hop on the JESUS train, your soul will get relief beyond your understanding. Life won't be perfect, but it will always be going in the right direction. You'll even have someone you could cast every single one of your problems on. Do you want to be with GOD your creator forever? Then go to his son JESUS, he will take you straight there. Go to him, start your walk towards an eternity happiness :)
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Jesus(AS) is my prophet. He's not my god nor is he his son.

JESUS is the son of GOD :) but I understand we have different religions, and I would love for you to tell me about Islam sometime!

That's my pleasure:)

By his strips and his blood we are healed. We can do all through christ who strengthens us

i wonder what he thinks of us as he looks down and sees all the crap we have done war hate starving i wonder if he thinks it was worth it i feel ashamed some times to be called human knowing what we are doing to each other

I know right! But we just have to remember he is an all forgiving GOD, his love for us has no limits. He will never regret his decision, because he never changes. :)

That's why we need to be the ones who stand up for those who can't fight for themselves. That means us as a people not any of able but that.

Aphrodite will forgive you for turning away from Her, because your words come from love.

Oh yes, they are immortal!

Yes the God of love, I grew up watching cartoons on that and still am into that part of history. I like to think that God used her as one of his disciples to help people around.



Uh no

Walk by your faith and not by your sight. Jesus died on the cross for sin. He was born of God and Man, so he was made perfect, but had the ability to be tempted with sin, just as much as any of us now.

He died for the sins of the past, present, and the future. We need to take an active roll of trying to live by his example.

"he died on the cross so you could have eternal life!"

I'm confused why this makes any sense to anyone.

JESUS died for our sins, so that we could live forever with GOD :)

Why did he have himself tortured? Why not just... forgive us. I don't get the point.

I think the essence of original sin, is that human beings aren't perfect so they're bound to sin. He had himself tortured so he could show how far his love for us goes. Think about, we suffer on Earth and our GOD wants to show us we aren't in it alone, he did it too :)

Not to mention, the idea of original sin is kind of ridiculous.

Okay, but if it doesn't make any sense, how am I supposed to believe it? I don't believe things that sound completely dumb and have no supporting evidence. That's just how my brain works I guess. I would have thought that's how everyone's brain worked, but I guess not.

Where does science support the Bible? Hasn't it clearly demonstrated that the Bible is fallible? The Bible says all sorts of things that are wrong... the Earth being the center of our solar system, the age of everything, the way life develops... there's tons of stuff the Bible has gotten wrong.

Yes the Bible isn't perfect it contradicts it's self, and it doesn't exactly align with "logical" thinking. That's why it is important to establish your own relationship with GOD, and use the Bible as a guide. We have to take it for it's essence and not the word by word meaning.

I'm genuinely asking you here. Doesn't what the Bible state about our solar system contradict what we know to be fact? The Earth revolves around the Sun, and I'm almost positive the Bible states otherwise. I'll have to find quotations from the Bible in a bit here, but I will look for them.

This automatically condenses threads longer than a few comments, so it's honestly fine. You don't recall the Bible claiming that though?

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I can say sooo much... But I don't want to bust your bubble. The way I see it is whatever works for YOU. Whatever keeps you sane and in a positive direction is the correct path no matter what name, title or sect is attached to it. All I recommend for a young mind like yours is to read other literature besides the bible. Because to be understood, you must first understand :) good luck!

Thank you :)

If you thought the way I think, you would know that I am unable to take Jesus as God. My eye sees paradoxes, and my mind cannot believe a paradox is true. I have been a devout Christian in my earlier life. It was amazing, I swear, until I started noticing discrepancies. I take God to be real, but to me, there's no way he's Jesus.

Yeah I see why people say that. As an early believer I struggles with this, I think everyone does at some point. I just had to keeping telling myself GOD is a very complex GOD. He did not make himself so simple that mere humans could figure him out in their lifetime. So I just think JESUS is tied into his complexity. We are not meant to figure out how GOD could be a three in one

That's not even the paradox I was referring to. The entire plotline is messed up.

Of the Bible?


I think GOD made the Bible like that on purpose, so that we can get to know him for ourselves. Instead of relying entirely on the Bible

Surely, he would have stated that to us.

The Bible does say draw near to GOD, and JESUS talks about us having a personal relationship with GOD.

Yes, but it doesn't explain its plot-holes.

That's why I just use it as my guide to my relationship with GOD. I just look for the main message, and values

GOD's word always stands :)

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Nothing but truth

Why is it so important that everyone shares your belief? People are individuals with different values and ideas - what's right for you isn't necessarily going to be right for someone else.

That's completely true :) but the Bible says my mission is to share JESUS with others, so I feel obligated to do so. Just like I share my opinions they share their opinions back, no one's values or ideas are being limited. I completely respect everyone's opinions, but I'm just sharing mine

Your mission is to show how simple you are. Open your eyes and stop letting others tell you how to think. We have been brain washed from birth to believe in some supreme being. If only you can see and think for yourself.

That would be something I would except if I didn't know GOD for myself.

I dunno :(

JESUS is worth it sir :) you won't regret it

I've tried him a couple times but I dunno. Lost faith I guess

That's happened to me a lot, but it gets better. Just know the closer you get to GOD, the more Satan tried to pull you away. He knows how powerful and blessed your destined to be if you keep walking towards GOD :)

Another false belief Satan / devil /belsibob or by any other name still imaginary. The good and bad is each of us it's up to each to control IT

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So... I should give my life to god so that my life is saved? How is my life saved when I no longer have any freedom?

You have freedom :) No one is taking away your free will, your eternal life is just secured. Nobody is perfect, sin will still exist.

But jesus died so my sins are forgiven so what's the point? Also, if sins still exist, why give up my life to god in the first place?

I've never really understood all this.

I'm not here to bash your beliefs, nor to be "evangelized", I just want to understand this part.

You give up your life to GOD so your sins can be forgiven, and you can live forever with him. Once he forgives your sins they are no longer held against you. They will no longer rule over you. JESUS is also your key to a relationship with GOD. Some people also believe if you don't do what you are suppose to do on earth you will be sent back, to live to your full potential. I don't think anyone will want to come back to earth again, especially after seeing GOD. So that's a bad punishment.

Sorry if I'm babbling, but does that make sense?

I suppose what you say makes sense, though as a non-religious person, it does sound illogical to me, but let's not start that. :P

I don't get the part where sins rule over me though. Even though I don't accept god at all, I don't have the lust most people have, I don't have an ego or pride like a lot of people have. I do admit I like to eat a lot of sweets, so I suppose that could be seen as gluttony, but it's not to the point I HAVE to eat or am greedy about it, so I dunno if that counts. I'm also not exactly greedy, though not extremely selfless either. I've never stolen a thing really, nor have I murdered anyone. I don't do drugs (except my medicine) not alcohol except one time. Dunno if there are more sins.

But above all, I truly enjoy my life and wouldn't mind spending another one on earth. Even though my life has and had many hardships, it's still an amazing experience and an amazing life. No offense, but I am perfectly fine not accepting god in my life. I'm pretty sure that, since he's unconditional love and such stuff, he'd forgive my sins anyways, regardless whether I accept him or not.

That's just what I think though, no offense meant.

None taken :) But if you think your life is great now, when you add him to the equation it can only get more amazing. You have nothing to loose. But even you don't do those sins you listed above (which is really wonderful), there are many more less obvious sins, including original sin.

I don't need god or jesus, I'll see him after I die and say hello to him then. I have something to lose by accepting him. I'll lose myself, since I don't believe in god.

What other sins? What sins exist anyways? :P

Here is a lists if sins I found on the internet :)

Hmm... I don't really have anger or envy either to be honest. Makes me wonder which of the deadly sins I do have. I think none... That list is huge though, too much for me to understand without a life's dedication. Which is most likely your entire point. xD

But abiding by all those laws and avoiding sins isn't really the life I want.

It's almost impossible to do lol. Which brings us back to square one, that's why we have JESUS :D

Yeah, I don't see how a resurrected guy who doesn't show himself can help with that. Though that's my non-religious side speaking I guess.

You should know that when I say these things, it's how I see them, don't take any offense at it okay?

I don't, I know everyone has there own opinions :)

I'm glad you feel that way. :) You're a christian I truly respect and who gives christianity, god, and jesus a good name. Keep up this attitude. ;)

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that :) And you should know, you're the most respectful person I've had disagree with me on my religion. You prove you don't have to be an jerk to have a different opinion.

You're welcome. ;) Thank you, that's the first time I got that compliment hehe.

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Romans 10:9 If you confess with your mouth that jesus rose from the dead thou shall be saved! 95695 Guy

No sins here! None...


This is your only definition?



Child abusr



There is good and evil, it can't be one thing.

Concerned with you

Ok. I am a factual person.

Give me God's list...

I don't know gods list, I only know right and wrong, live and let live and if you want to impose you're will and annihilate any that disagree, that's not gods will that you teach, and you'll be sand.

Wholly **** - 613??

I have only been adhering to 612. Did the new Pope invent one? I haven't been following CNN this week

WTF? I missed one!

I am condemned....

613 pope laws, thousands EPA. IRS. Government. Can't you even breathe?

You need a list to be a good person?

Wasting more time talking with you

And where are you with force to protect?

Protect what??

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Have no sins ;)

i am a christian and im proud of it

Jesus is amazing In so many ways and if you believe different then so be it no reason to fight guys.

I thought Jesus said if you believe in him people will treat you poorly and you will be persecuted and killed?

Back in those times that was the case. It's a lot less extreme now, even though you still have to deal with people who disagree unpleasantly with you. I was talking more about the benefits for your soul :)

I believe, you can persue higher being with any religion.

Amen! God bless.

My response is never postes