There has got to be more than just nothingness after we die. I don't have a religion, but I have faith in a higher power.
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There is no such thing as nothingness....just an exchange to mass and energy when we die. :)

There's so much that can be said about Jehovah/ God. The subject can be exhausting. There are so many view points and beliefs.

I only trust the King James Bible, but that's my choice. From what research I've done, it's the only true translation of the original texts. When I read it, it touches my heart and life, like no other book. People claim they can't understand it, but I have no trouble. I don't worry about what I don't understand and just deal with what I do.

Anyway, the fact that Israel exists is all the proof I need to know God is. I know why Jesus came to die for us. He is peoples' only hope to have eternal life. I know many say this is too narrow, and there are more ways, or that all ways lead to heaven. But God's word tells a different story.

God tells us we are a fallen creation. The law (10 commandment...actually there are bunches, but 10 main that kind of cover all) was giving to show us what we are, in light of God's holiness. It shows us we are all condemned and under a death sentence. But God commended His love toward us, in that while we were sinners, Christ died for us. God shed His blood on the cross and paid our debt so we can have eternal life.

No I didn't make a mistake, God died for us, He took on the form of a man-Jesus, who was God in flesh, just so He could shed His precious blood and pay the price of our redemption. The first chapter of the Gospel of John, tells this very fact.
Verse one states," the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
Then verse 14 states,"And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us,"

The Jews don't deny Jesus's existence, but many, not all, deny that he was the son of God, or the promised messiah. They are still looking for the messiah, and when the anti-christ finally shows. He will fool them to believe he is God. He'll go into the temple and stop the sacrifice. What temple? Well it's not there at the moment, but Israel is ready, they have the materials ready to rebuild it, it's only a matter of regaining the temple mound, or the right to rebuild, which I believe I'll see before death closes these eyes of clay. Maybe Israel will get their temple mound back after this conflict. We'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, for what it's worth, this is what I have come to believe, after many years of reading and study God's scriptures.
I could go on and on, like I said this is an exhausting subject. I'm not trying to push my belief, just stating what I believe and a short outline as why I believe this way.

It's good to meet you all, my name is Michael, I am no body special, just a pilgrim on a journey. God has been and is better to me than I deserve. Have a great week.

I would't necessarily say it can be exhausting :)

I feel exactly the same thanks for sharing :)