Without him there is no me!!
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So true, God is the Creator.

But did u ever think that without u there is no him?

Using your logic, ever thing we experience is nothing without our thought. But how do we explain what created our conscience of self and being an individual.

Some say god created this consciousness, I don't personally believe there was a creator

@ Lateralus 07 how do explain that the laws of science, energy, physics, chemistry, and life are organized in a consistent manner throughout galaxies? What is black and white is the same everywhere.

The laws of science are created by us, they mean nothing outside of us, the "mass" of an object is simply a description of an object that humans came up with. Mass means nothing outside of us. Therefore "science" is useless outside of us. Even dogs do not care about science, let alone an alien type creature. To answer your question, life is organized so perfectly the way it is, because if it wasn't organized this well then it wouldn't be here. That is a really simple concept to grasp, yet most think there is a creator to anything complicated. But you must remember, a creator of something, such as a human creates a car, is useless without time. This therefore makes time the creator of all things. And 13.7 billion years is a long time to create, ad you are the result of it, and in 5 billion more years humans may have evolved to something's cg better, or worse. I'm not here to argue though, I do not object certain beliefs such as the belief in god, I simply question all of them, and I will continue to question them, no matter how hard I try not to. I didn't mean to break into an "argument" or rather a mild debate, I just like to think, and as such I like to try to make others think

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