I believe in God but right now I feel like he's not helping me as fast as I need him too. I feel the urge to go back to a bad situation and I want him to intervene. HELP!!
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God us god the Father. Just like any father, god can say no. Just because he isn't helping right away doesn't mean he doesn't exist, or he's stopped and dropped you.

Oh, He'll answer you in His own time, and in the way He knows is best for you. You might not realize it now, but you will later.

I'm in the same boat but as they used to say in catholic school God helps those who help themselves. If you need someone to talk to message me

Please don't do that. U must be strong and wait for God''s timing and I know this is so hard. The outcome will come out better. I will miss my x when I can come up with the money to move but I will do it.

Always a challenge of faith

I need him too , its been more than three months that I havr been in war with my inner spirituality. But like everyone says, God's time is perfect. Just be patient, good things comes for those who wait. What easy comes , eady goes.

He doesn't have a cell phone that you can call. You just have try to do what you think you should do as opposed to be drawn back to something that you know you shouldn't.

The Lord has perfect timing
😊 right now you may not think
So but later on you will thank him

What's your problem? I can help.

James 4:7 says, "Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you."
You're being tempted. Talk to God. Ask Him what to do. (You have to be willing to obey Him no matter what He says or there's no point in asking.) Then do what you feel He's telling you to do (even if you don't think it will help) & the temptation will stop. At least that's how it works for me. He loves you and wants what's BEST for you!
May His mercies flood you now.

We must be still and know that he is God. His time is always perfect. He may not respond when we want because he's preparing us for better. We have to use our down's to strengthen our faith.

Stop being a simple minded person wake up and smell the roses free your brain stop the mind control.

It's really hard. Hasn't ur will power ever beat u??

Let God be God. Let Him distill in you what he wants for you, be guided by Him, but you have to do the hard work. Find new friends and activities to share in. Leave your old ways behind, leave your abusive past behind you and enjoy tomorrow and the next day onwards as a new you!

Gods ways are not our ways he sees what we do not and cannot. this is why He is Lord. Trust him

You know what you should do...? Listen joel osteen... He has beautiful videos and trust me you'll find videos that will concern you. Pay attention to the tittles

Help yourself because you are the only one going to do it

Stop using God as an excuse. Just do what you know that you need to do!

God loves all his children n whatever situation we get into we learn something out of it.So be patient as god is watching and he will surely help you wen he thinks its appropriate :] :]

I think God gives us subtle signs. I used to miss them as often it was not the sign I was looking for. I now see signs and follow where they lead. For now it's Gods will not mine.

For God will not listen to empty cries;
Shaddai pays no attention to them.
All the more when you say that you don’t see him!
Just be patient; he’s considering the matter.
-Job 35:13-14 (CJB)

Partial obedience is still disobedience. We have to fully obey God. Or else we will still be tormented and miserable.
He loves us! He understands and He wants to set us free!!!

I used to feel like he takes a long time but he never forgets about us

Terri savelle. Breaking soul ties. You can do it

I heard all of them yesterday it was great I'm just fighting to break them at this point it's really hard

It is hard. I'm praying for you. I can email you the full message is you want. I have it on a zip file. I'm fighting too. It's the second time im listening to this message this week. God will restore our soul! He knows we are hurting but we have to choose to trust Him. We will never regret obeying God! We will receive peace if we are obedient to what he is telling us to do! :)

Message me your email please

I wld really like that

Message me your email please

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I'm feel just about the same. Sliding back into old ways that is know is not good. But if pray for direction and try to follow the good path but it get tired and slide back. It will pray for you too.