I don't understand how people can just say god doesn't exist. And they look at 'science' all the time as a reference to why they are alive. no 'science' is not your creator god is. nothing can be more powerful than god. if you think that well then your kinda lost
LaylaKissa LaylaKissa
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The statement "God does not exist" is a statement of pure faith. Because no one has any proof that God does not exist.

They use to say we come from monkeys but tell me one person, just one person who saw a monkey turn Into a human? Non and they keep changing and changing the subject ahahaha.

People like proof and science has that unlike religion

Science is just our attempt to understand the universe. Eventually our concepts of science and religion will merge..

Understood, Science is helpful to understand but not to question too much in depth

Not to question too much in depth. Yes. I agree. Knowing as much as possible about anything is wrong, blasphemous and isn't what humans were meant for. Unquestioning conformity and allegiance to those that know best is the best place to be in our existence.