A month ago I made a terrible choice. Not only was it terrible but I cannot bring myself to regret the choice. I am carefully using the word choice because a mistake equals a regret. I feel terrible for what I did but I strongly believe that it was the right choice for myself and my family at the time.
With that being said the Lord has blessed me throughout all of it. It was an unforgivable thing. But God has been sitting right beside me every single day since and picking me up from the floor before I even allow myself to lay there.
Within this month of me dealing with this I have still been blessed that the love of my life has come back into my life, supporting me as well. My friends and family have helped me through it more then any of them have ever helped me through anything. My mother whom I have a bad relationship with has grown closer to me. My son was threatened to be taken away from me due to my mental health and employment hours. Somehow the Lord has taken over my mental health and put a different job on my path. One where I have taken a pay cut but I am putting all my finances in the Lord's hand. Not just because I know he handles it but he has ALWAYS gotten me by, especially in situations where I have no idea how it was possible. But along with that my mental health felt better. I've been placed in a job still doing what I love with a better environment of people. Sometimes I feel guilty at how well the Lord has held me up this month when I didn't deserve it. Thank You Lord.
Always trust in him. Always leave your struggles in his hands. Pray to him instead of stressing.
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The greatest display of love was when He gave His only Son to die for all our sins. His love is not dependent on our situations, our circumstance, or our obedience. We don't deserve it that's why it's called "grace". :) How sweet is the love of God, no? AMAZING!

Let go and let God
love it all

That was truly inspiring :) Your faith is admirable