I grew up with Mennonite dad, so he was biblically strict on what kind of life we live and we should be living out our faith in God. When we could read my dad had us to read the bible and he would quiz us. When I was four years old they found out that I had learning disability and I was wondering why me God, I hate school, so they thought it was.fun to make fun of me, They made fun of the way I talked. They pushed me hallways. They shoved me in the hallways. They could not stand me even looking my way because I was miss goody shoes that was Jesus freak that we need to bully. I would never would say anything. I wanted to kill myself because I felt like it would be better just to kill myself because nobody cares about me. I had the pillow over my head about kill myself, but I heard God tell me that I have plans for you, so immediately got the pillow off my head and thanked God for saving me. Then they bullied started online. They would see bible verses on my page and attack me for it then they would lure me into going to their profile and posting about it so their friends could attack me. I had my personal life out there because they wanted to seek revenge on me. I would never try to get them back for what they did to me in high school. Do not think you are going to Hell because you have a baby before marriage. I do not picket fences. Nice to hear people call me a retarded behind my back and that is me. God bless you all here.
camiemen camiemen
Aug 22, 2014