it saddens me that i'm never comfortable in a christian community because so many of them are fake, i thought we're here to worship God together but the truth is they talk about people behind their backs and then they think it's okay because they consider themselves saints... i wish i can find a healthy christian community
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Good for you. I am an Atheist, but I am always happy to find Christians such as yourself who truly try to be a good person, and notices when others are not doing that themselves. I hope you find that community.

I completely understand what you mean!! Ugh, that drives me insane.

I do believe there are people who are not fake, but I had an experience with an angry pastor and I can't figure out why he is pastor that is known for his compassion and understandingl

Human beings are........ Human beings.

I found that the smaller the church was, the more close I felt to the people. There may have been a couple gossipers and fakes, but most were sincere. I think it also depends on the denomination, like how strictly they believe you have to follow the bible.

I am feeling your energy! It just does not seem to be what it use to be. You know the bible says, the tree is known by the fruit it bears!
I realize the trees are few and in between, but stay prayerful!
I'll keep you in my prayers

We are all broken I dont care who you are we live in a fallen world. Thats why we all need Jesus ...I was once told by pastor if I find the perfect church I shouldnt go to it...Id mess it up because I am not perfect!

Not all Christian is like that. Yes, I would agree that sometimes we had confront false Christian or fake whatsoever. But it doesn't matter who they are, but who you are. Besides, we can join some denomination but that doesn't save you, even our church can't save you. Only If we accept christ because its in the word, he is the truth the way and the light. Just pray for the others that they would be devoted and touch by God someday. God Bless us all. :)

i worship and believe in my way and dont mix with that sort. At the end of the day its just me and god i dont need any one else

pretty bad when u go to a ***** joint and see someone from church like if I had any reason to be there

You and everyone else! I feel the same way.

i know the feeling

well its not hard to weed them out