I believe in God. I have seen him, I have dreamed of him. He appears to me as a figure much like a form of energy, but not scary, just love comes from it. And calmness.
I dreamed about God about six months before my wedding to my husband (we got married in 2010, we are in our 50's). In my dream, God appeared to me and told me since I was a good person, I could have someone I loved come back to Earth from Heaven and spend a day with me. I thought about it, it was a hard choice, but I told Him I would like for my husband (fiance at the time) to get the chance to spend one more day with his dead wife. (she had passed in 2006.) She appeared and my husband was so happy and surprised to see her. I told him to go and spend time with her, she only had until sunset. So they went walking and I searched all through my garden to find a flower for her, she could not take back anything but organic, so I wanted to give her a flower and I was disappointed I could only find a half faded rose for her. My husband kept coming back and making sure it was okay for them to be walking, I told him, go be with her. He cried and talked to her about their children and grandchildren. When the sun started to set, I went over and gave her the rose. She smiled and let me know it was the most beautiful rose she had ever received. I left them alone to say goodbye as she faded away. I awoke with tears in my eyes.

I believe in Guardian Angels. I saw mine once when I was very ill, he was smiling at me and trying to calm me. I was very young. He was a very beautiful young black man, his face was extraordinary and I knew he was an angel and I calmed down. He smiled and I went to sleep, feeling surrounded by love.

I think people are ashamed to talk about their beliefs and this is wrong. Angels are everywhere.
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I agree with you!
You're so lucky to see God in your dreams! ^^