There has been gossip going on and you know gossip stirs up ungodly presents that we don't want in our lives. Gossip leads into sin that leads to death. Gossip is the root of all evil, so why allow in our lives when it hurts other people's feelings and leaves you guilty after you gossip about person. It makes you less of a person when you start gossiping about people because if people see you gossiping then they want no part of you because if they get close to you then you will gossip about them and nobody wants to be gossiping about. That is all I am going to stay. I don't know if I can trust anybody in here because I have seen people e
say evil stuff about people and I don't like it. I hope to hear responses back. God bless.
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Why do we so care about gossip rather than listen to God? I don't care about gossip. All I care about God desire.

You made some upsetting accusations toward me and about me in one or more of your other guises.
I respectfully asked you to point out where I had committed the written acts you were accusing me of. Rather than responding civilly you increased your rant and then deleted you post.
So, once again, please link to were I demeaned you, bullied you, or indicated you were a gay basher.
I believe that honest communication is possible between any two people, but I too have feelings that are injured by the unjust accusations and dishonest assertions you leveled against me.
More than one of your sock puppet accounts did just that, unjustly and dishonestly made allegations which you refuse to address.

"perception without knowledge is the root to all false rumors"
-Perry Stone

I thought money was the root of all evil.... Or at least power

Do you agree they all great sin?

I like it

Thank you so much,