I believe in Jesus Christ. I was born a Catholic. But i don't go to church now. Because i dont agree to some of the teachings in Catholic. I dont like statues. My belief is that its bad to compare God to physical things like statues that is made of wood.Its an insult to him if he's compared to a physical thing.Like those pics of Jesus and statues. I believe in the Bible but not to the teachings of church because no religion is perfect, the only thing thats perfect and right is the Bible but no one can follow it because its full of challenges, sacrifices. And i notice when i was attending a church mass before for 1 hour i didnt learn anything but the song in the church and preachings of that priest that sometimes they talk about politics already and i dont like that. They are not supposed to talk about politics, the job of the church is to teach people bout morals and the word of God to help people in their daily life and not to talk about politics coz they are not politicians. I was thinking who among us has seen Jesus? For them to come up with a pic of Christ. No one, because no one has seen God. I believe in Jesus Christ even if i cant see him. I had a lot of experiences, that's why i believe in God. I've been to a lot of accidents and serious sickness that i almost died. When i was a kid up to highschool i am always sick and i was always in bed. I dont have a pic in highschool graduation coz im sick. Theres a problem in my stomach ever since i was born. It has problems in digesting food. And i have serious constipation always. That i almost died because my blood is almost poisoned. For 1 month i cant poop, for 3 days my blood will be poisoned, the pain is excruciating every 10 mins my stomach is in pain cant sleep normally for 1 month. That happens to me every year every month just because i was born with stomach problems. My parents cannot bring me to the hospital because we are so poor at that time. Our old house was gone already because of that fire. So we moved to this neighbourhood. Pain is always. Always, when it comes to my health, pain is normal to me always. One day i can't take the pain anymore. I'm dying already i know i am. So i read that book bout the life of Jesus Christ i finished reading that book while im in pain. And i cried and i told him to heal me and make that sickness go away forever. And after that i am healed. And my stomach is normal now when it comes to digesting food, i dont have any serious constipations anymore.
But several years passed and i had into a lot of accidents. And in those accidents seems like theres someone saving me. One day i rode public vehicle and that driver was so high in drugs. He is so confused while driving. He didnt know also that street that i said to him. And while we were crossing the street. There was a big truck and it almost hit us. That truck stopped the driver of that truck was puzzled too why it stopped.
When i was on my way to school when i'm studying baking. I almost got hit by a car . It just appeared from nowhere. Its so fast really fast. But it didnt hit me. While i was crossing that street seems like someone told me to walk slowly so i walked slowly. If i walked fast that car will really hit me.
One night when i was alone in my room and sleeping. Suddenly i felt i cant breathe and someone was suffocating me. So i woke up. I thought there was someone inside my room but theres no one. No one. My whole body is paralyzed, but my left hand is not paralyzed my left hand is the one using pushing that pillow towards my face. I was confused at that time and so scared coz i cannot breathe anymore im trying so hard to get some air. I cannot make my left hand stop from pushing that pillow to my face. My tear fell, i called God to help me, I called for his help 2 times. And suddenly that pillow loose. And finally i can breathe. Someone came i know and i felt something peaceful and nice and I heard a growl a growl that was hurt. And i heard someone is dragging someone away theyre fighting inside my room. And then the noise is gone.
yodatheching yodatheching
26-30, F
Aug 25, 2014