I was raised in the Catholic faith, and hell and brimstone have been muted down a little. Yes, in Ireland there have been some real scandals concerning the priests. I would say they have succumbed to the pressures of our age, and all the temptations that modern life throws at us. I don't condone but I think I can understand their troubles.

I cannot think of a God of fire and brimstone, a vengeful God who only watches us to see how we fail in our efforts to be Christlike followers of truth. No, I think He set the words of the holy bible to highlight how we need to be exemplary in our relationships because our nature is so forceful, our physicality so foremost in our minds. After all, His command to us in Eden was to fill and subdue the Earth.

No, God, be it His name is Jehovah, or Yahweh, or Jesus Christ, is careful measuring us because He is not unjust. I read somewhere, that if He created everything He must be seen in a different light than we ever could. He is more than pictured by our understanding of how He is from the pages of the bible. There are wise words about Him spoken in esoteric Judaism which we could do with counselling.
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Remember, the Priests are human beings, and are not above temptation any more than any other human being. Yes, we do need to pray for them, and we must realize that when any become scandalous, they are NOT representing the Church, although their actions can harm the good name of the Church.

We are humans doing human things
the essence of all religions is loving
love it all

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