Well I didn't mean to bother people in that one room, but I saw them talking about people behind their back and strongly hate, when other people posts people's names to pin point them and mock them and that drives me crazy. If the people read what they wrote it might make them cry and that is a form of bullying by humiliating them by posting about them and that is not right. You tell me what would you do if someone is bullying you, would you walk away or stand up for yourself, so it could be taken down. As Christians we know gossip is a sin, so don't do it. Do not associate with people that gossip and bullies people because we know they hurt people's feelings and love the attention, so don't associate with it. If I know one of my friends are bullying then I politely say I want you out of my life because I don't associate people like you. That is all I have to say for now and be safe on here.
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You don't associate with people who bully or gossip? You should do the opposite. Show them what it's like to live a life in peace & be an example to them. I encourage you to do something about it & speak out when you see that in your friends. 😄

What kind of friends do you allow in your life?

The ones who respect you for who you are. Obviously there is a certain point where in some occasions you need to cut people out of your life. I have before. BUT allow those who can make a difference in you. Who can make you a better version of yourself. I have non-believer friends but they respect and honor my beliefs & I know that one day God will reach them too. In the meantime speak to them about God's love. 😄

How do you get them to respect you?