I was worshipping God in my private time and I had my window open. When i opened my eyes, I saw the letters "VAI" in the clouds. I looked it up and it means to "go, run" ! Any input??
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WoW!!! Not sure ask God was the message from him or the Enemy he will let u kno

God does not move the clouds in order to speak to you . If you Start believing stuff like that it could send you mental ...

Well to the world I am already mental !!!!!! So be it ! And you can't tell God what he can or can't do.

Yes your right but we are not to believe any superstitous nonesense we hear , we are to be child like not childish !

Well, you do have the right to be wrong. Blessings! ✋👍

I too believe that God speaks to us. Not everyone can see it. Just pray and ask him to reveal what it means. I've been going through a heartache and I decided to give him my life instead of turning to alcohol or other things. For anyone who is struggling with anything I say, turn to God. He only has the answers.

Praying over you! Keep fighting! Keep hoping ! For God will reward all your hard work 👍

Maybe you just imagined it because you were looking for something. Or maybe it was a coincidence. Sometimes I look up and the clouds look like elephants to me.

To you it is a coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences, I believe God speaks to us through anything and everything. ❤️🙌😊

Through everything?

Indeed. 😄

Pray to god and he will tell you what you need to know x