Any belief in a deity is a personal choice by individuals and need not automatically have any connection with Christianity in particular, god means many different things to different people and the exercise of ones belief can be practiced in most cases without undue harassment. When those of us that follow some form of Christianity this does raise the ire of many people as can be experienced in groups like this one and many others. The range of criticism is welcome provided it doesn't become personal from where I stand.
Cootamundra Cootamundra
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1 Response Aug 26, 2014

If it helps you get through the day, all power to you. I'm an agnostic myself, but to each their own.

Whether you remain agnostic only time will tell, I am satisfied that the answers as to where I came from and what is the purpose of life, and what is the finality of it all have been answered, and that gives a peace of mind which has to be experienced, thanks for the comment.

I sometimes wonder if it's God's plan for me to be right here right now writing this very sentence. Am I here to experience life, or shape the experience of others? Was the universe just a cosmic accident, or is our universe a canvas in which a higher form of life painted?

The questions you pose I believe are common to a vast majority, the answers may take many decades to fall into place, I believe in creation which should not be a surprise, the information to support such a stance is available out side the Bible, the more mans knowledge increases the least likely that a cosmic accident is true.