Im on day 3 of leaving it in the Lords hands. I have an older brother that was put up for adoption, I found him on Twitter and posted for him to inbox me. I haven't gotten a response yet but neither has he blocked me. I tried finding him years ago but his family denied me without telling him. He knows who I am. So I'm patiently waiting for a response. Also, starting next week I will be working in the area I believe he lives in. So many opportunities.
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Please pray for me and my mom who may have strep, and both need more sleep. I need God's help!

I will prey for y'all

I hope you have a reunion with your brother and i hope it is an uplifting one too.

I learning the Jewish way

Thanks me too an I need to get back into the bible. An I have a dream I posted conflict in me I think lol

God is faithful and He will open the door for you to meet him in His timing if it is His will

I'm leaving it in his hands too
Sometimes we have to realize that we can't control everything


I wish you the best of luck with reconnecting with your brother and all of your new opportunities.