In over 40 years of being involved in Christianity IV noticed that there has always been a battle raging between the fundamentalists ( the unintelligent ) and the more liberal open minded members in the church ..
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Live In His Presence, You Are Reconciled To God,
That Is His Dream, Be Reconciled,

Heb 12:2 Let Us Keep Our Eyes Fixed On Jesus,[NOT ON DEVIL] On Whom Our Faith Depends From Beginning To End. He Did Not Give Up Because Of The Cross! On The Contrary, Because Of The Joy That Was Waiting For Him, He Thought Nothing Of The Disgrace Of Dying On The Cross, And He Is Now Seated At The Right Side Of God's Throne.

Heb 12:24 You Have Come To Jesus, Who Arranged The New Covenant, And To The Sprinkled Blood That Promises Much Better Things Than Does The Blood Of Abel.

..."the fundamentalists ( the unintelligent )".... *snigger* :D

There's always been those who take the bible literally and those who take it symbolically

People always think differently

I am not sure if there is a point here.

I am also a liberal believer. I know god's love is a lot broader than our narrow ways of thinking.

That said, I would caution you on statements written like this. Insulting others you don't agree with doesn't really seem like liberal Christianity to me. Rather it sounds like your trying to start a fight.

One person referred to something called a Jesus filter and I like it. I too need to use it more often (heck I am human) But I would ask you to apply your Jesus filter to how you worded your post and see if how it looks through it.

I don't need a reply, everyone's faith is unique to them (there is the liberal in me) I just suggest you try it and see what message comes to you. Listen with an open heart

I'm not trying to start a fight , I'm just stating that in my experience most fundamentalist christians are not the most intelligent people I have met that's all ...

Well, not sure "unintelligent" is the right word, but close enough. i have noticed that the fundies seem to be afraid of change, and really really need for there to be no gray. They want black and white, and they want someone else to dictate their morailty. And it seem an awful lot of them want to pick and choose which parts of the bible apply to them.