I have now taken into account why there has to be a god. I was once atheist and would spend my time trying to tell people there is no god but that was until someone countered me with " if the universe was created by a big bang what caused that bang if we came from apes why are there still apes and where did these apes come from because the big bang consist of nonliving substances not biological substances also how have other animals came to be and why are we so much more advanced" ( incase you didn't read all that it basically said the universe is to complex to not have an over all mechanic that had a logical thought process) so I took that to mind a researched and I found not even the greatest minds can fully understand that either so I looked up other things like astronomy and found that there is still billion upon billions of light years of space unexplored and that heaven actually exist outside of it then I looked up NDE (near death experience) and found that people how never knew each other said the same things about there NDE's so I started thinking maybe but my biggest discovery was even though the civilizations formed differently ancient people before they even knew each other all chronicled a great flood and winged gods or winged holy beast so then I picked up the bible and read it and it shocked me how much detail it and other holy text were in describing even the smallest things as if they really were holy and important afterwards I went to my nearest church and talked to the preacher he told me the reason that I went on the road of discovery in the first place was because he (god) had wanted to help me recognize him and his son as our savior . please heart this if you were once atheist and now believe in god or if your christian who will always love there lord like I now do.
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There are also other logical reasons for the existence of a God or higher power: a standard of morality. Atheists and evolutionists can have a moral standard, but they have no means of justifying it. If they believe there is no God who defines right and wrong, they have no grounds to state that anything is objectively or absolutely "right" or "wrong"/"good" or "bad"

Bless you I'm glad you have found your way to god

Thank you

Everything has a ruler. For example, Obama Is the ruler of U.S.A, your mom and dad Is the ruler of the house, God Is the ruler of everything and anything.

If we came from apes why do apes still exist? That's like saying why the British still exist even though there are Americans.

Yes but evolution would work differently then colonization for example sharks now a days supposedly came from the megalodons ( giant shark) there's no more of them but there dependents the sharks still are while colonization is a group of people moving to a new land and changing there lifestyles

Of course there is a God, look around

That's awesome! I'm so glad that He pursued you so diligently! Love you sis! Keep the faith :)