The PASTER of my church was giving a sermon on the subject of what the bible says are sinful in the eyes of god , now I have no problem with him preaching about this subject but I noticed he always leaves out the sin of gluttony , I also can't help but notice he's very fat . So I wonder if he should be preaching anyway ? Maybe he should get the plank out of his own eye before he preachers again ?
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Everyone has a cross to bare.

I don't agree , eating like a pig till your fat is not barring a cross , it's self inflicted


I have thought this before. Gluttony is sin like all other sin...many sins are discussed but gluttony is not. Pride is the problem in my opinion. Pride keeps us all from getting super real and working out our salvation.

Have you thought about bringing it to his attention the lack of preaching about gluttony? You don't need to bring up his weight when you do.

All I'm saying is if a PASTER was committing adultery and stood on the platform preaching to his congregation that they shouldn't be doing what he is himself doing he would soon be told to shut up . So why not with gluttony ? So I ask should any Fat people be allowed to preach ? ??

Is he baptized with The Holy Ghost and with Fire????

If he is would that make it ok for him to be fat and preach ?

I should say that this PASTER is a friend of mine and a nice guy but I still say he shouldn't preach about sin and at the same time as he forgets the sin of gluttony .. IV even thought about telling him to sit down and shut up ...

Lol. You are a very comic guy.

God said when He was complete "IT'S GOOD"
Man puts the good and evil spin on things.
depending on which church you attend somebody will tell you what you can and can't do.
not God.
we are caught up in our minds bodies and emotions.
Become aware of your true self your soul and know the question and the answer

Oh I know the answer I just wanted to hear other peoples opinions ?

No sin is any worse than the other.

True so should he be preaching about sin the others ?

He may just be hitting the big ones

It's all good
love it all