Those of us that have voted with their feet in times past are well aware of the many shortcomings within some denominations and local churches, the hypocrites that mock God on a regular basis by the way they live away from the local church gathering are the main reason why Christianity gets a bad name, and rightfully so, but God knows the true believers and that is what really matters.
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Many Christian's believe that they have been living for God and the Son, and Holy Ghost as well...Tell me if you can what does it mean to blaspheme the Holy Ghost....Be careful how you so called Christian's answer this I love people who know that book you say is the whole truth and nothing but the truth...My truth comes from God Himself,,,But no worry what do I know Christian's have either labeled me possessed or just crazy... So I really don't know as much as them... All I care about is spend Love and Light,,,I have no more time to debate of what one Christian thinks is the truth... God knows me and that is enough for me...I am tried of lies within God so called house...Love you and bless you with all the real love I have within me...Mary

i'm sorry for saying this, but you have to admit, you don't really know if you follow the right religion. All you have is "faith" and that's really all you can have when it comes to beliefs. I'm a deist and i still don't really know i'm right :/
p.s.: how can you speak for god???

I can only speak for God when he says I can, I am not afraid of any bodies opinion's...I know I do not follow any Religion...I am not a CHRISTIAN I do believe in the bible and God, and Son, and Holy do not hate to say anything to me ok...but I will have an answer for ever response this is my story and I am entitled to my own interpretation to my life and my experience...Love and Light Mary

He speaks and tells me the words to you know I have been to those churches the believe in talking in tongues and prophecy...when God puts the words in your mouth you can feel His spirit all over you...and you know I is really God talking not me...