The failure of the churches to educate is painfully obvious using this group alone, the Watchtower publications and websites are being intermingled within comments without challenge, which can only mean people are unaware of the doctrines of the Watchtower, don't care, or a combination of both, where are the contenders for the faith when this is happening?
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To me reading your bible is far more important then going to church but church is still a very good place if you pick one with a Godly leader. Church people are still people that is why is it important to develop a relationship with GOD on your own. I do realize that their is Godly connection in fellowship just make sure that you are with good, Godly people who stand on the word. At the end of the day God give you wisdom to have great discernment trust your instincts because while you rarely see it but you can walk alone with GOD and then he will lead you to right people eventually.

Hi Cootamundra, reading through responses, I felt compelled to post a reply. I can't add anything to the subject of Jehovah's Witness. I'm not even sure if the Mormon faith is connected to JW? I admit having little knowledge of either. However, I would like to offer my opinion concerning the Mormon faith, as I have a personal experience that left a definite mark upon my life.

After the loss of my mother, one of her close friends approached me asking for permission to perform some right of passage which would allow my mother to "achieve a higher ascension". This took me totally by surprise not knowing this friend was of the Mormon belief. I declined and did not give approval only to later find out she did whatever this ritual was anyway. I am of the Christian belief and have no evidence that any ritual is needed after death for loved ones. This whole bizarre experience reminded me of something from the reformation when the church started preaching prayers for dead loved ones were needed by the priests, and you must pay to have these prayers performed. Two years later this same lady contacted me to say that she was going for a visit to the tabernacle and would like to take my blessing for a prayer ritual on behalf of my family. I declined and gave sound reasons why I declined. She told me that my blessing was not required but was preferred.

Do you have any idea what she was doing? I felt it was uncalled for and totally disrespectful. And oh by the way .. the following year, this same lady shot and killed her husband of 28 years while he was sleeping in bed, saying she did so to save his soul. I am not joking! What the heck? Clearly insane .. who in their right mind would even consider participating in such beliefs? Anyway .. thanks for allowing me to vent and share.

No ritual is going to help, there was a time when some Catholics believed wearing a scapular assured your passage in to heaven. That bit of cloth did nothing for you, it was living life represented by it. The last book of the old testament tells that prayers for the dead are a good thing. Pray for the dead don't preform some ritual.

Yes, the WT sure does allot of damage. I have worked with 2 people who are devout with them. Uuummnnn ...... in the time I was working with them. I showed just love when they were mean to me. And.... now I know that my spiritual path, that is not defined by a Church, teaches love.
Yes, we do need to unlearn the bad teachings of most doctrines. And.... to challenge the WT.

Please be very very very careful about the Watchtower. Don't take it as true doctrine of the Christian church

That sounds like precisely what he's saying.

Interesting. ?On what do you base your opinion?

Interesting. ?On what do you base your opinion?

I am unaware of the Watchtower.

Ultimately 99% of religious people have down syndrome and don't decide anything for themselves. Any truly open minded person would realize that if there is a god that created everything he created evil. Hmmmm I wonder why. Maybe we should talk about that instead of a Jehovah whitness magazine.

Interesting. ?On what do you base your opinion?

Hi Curious .. It's called free will. Why would God create robots who have no choice but to worship Him? He created us in His own image, which includes free will. It's the only way we could ever understand what love is. How could we understand love if not given the choice to love or not love? Hmmmm .. maybe we should talk about that.

Very true - we have free will. Just a pity that many parents don't allow their children to find their own path to their spiritual life.

Believe what you will. However your point isn't very clear. Where does worship come into play? Also if he created us in his image, which is with the capability to be extremely evil, why do you assume that he is purely good? I'm sorry but god isn't an all loving entity if he or it even exists. It just does not make sense. Now if you want to believe in something that doesn't make sense you might as well believe in a giant purple kitten in the sky, at least that is amusing.

Quote to ponder on.........
There is NO RIGHT WAY.
There is only THE WAY that is best for those who find their own way, the way that helps them become a better spiritual being. PELEI

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