I disagree that everyone should believe in God.
I believe that it does not matter if someone believes that there is a God as long as one believes in something.
In my opinion, as long as one believes in something bigger than oneself, then one can lead a driven life.
One may believe in democracy, science or family and be indifferent to someone who believes in God.
I don't think it's fair that people should criticise those who disbelieve the existence of God but in exactly the same way, these people should not criticise those who do believe in God.
Belief is an entirely personal thing and more people need to respect that.
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Believing in something is better then believing in nothing but will that something hold you down and together in your darkest moments that is the real test of life.

Thanks for your response

Jesus loves yu n will not force yu to believe in him but just pray n yu will hear him it sounds like yur voice!!!