Belief About Heaven and Death...

Hello every one,


As I see, some of you is connecting believing in God With constitutional Belief – esspecially Rimochatolic, Budism, etc. Subsequent they consider themselves as an ateist. But there is a need to know, that everyone, despite the fact that he is considered as an ateist, BELIEVE in something, in Energy, the Big Ban – what is this if not a God???

I write it with a big intitial, because I KNOW, that he exists, because I know, that he is a person (not a body and within this alike a human, a person – Materia, Energy with feelings, with a 'heart')


It were allready, before the Big Bang, heaven – above the pure nature, they allready had all now called 'inventions', computers etc. It was perfect! But after a while, people started geting bored – what they would…??? They also couldn't cherish the God, because they never expirienced something that was not so gut as the heaven, they never experienced the loss…


And then God took a loot of time, and contrived a Great Plan. He knew people need to believe firstly in science, that is way, he invented Evolution… and aging (after Einstein: there is no aging in universe); aging because he knew no soul can get mature in one body and in one era; he also wanted, that every soul make acquaintance with almost everybody…


My opinion, in everytime there are approximatelly the same souls, so everytime we will find on this world Platon, Einstein, Hitler, etc.

Yes, I believe in recarnation… It is the only rational explanation to what is happening….


Enough for today,


MelittaKmetec MelittaKmetec
Mar 13, 2009