Amazing Isn't It?

Before my father met my mother, he was doing "worldly" things. Then he met my mom. My grandfather said if he wanted to date her that he had to cut his hair, go to church and straighten up his life. And he did!

They got married in 1977 and are still going strong! My father still goes to church to this day. He is now a pastor of his own church. If God wouldn't of came into his life, I wouldn't be here and neither would my sis cuz he wouldn't of been with my mom.

Another thing too..... if you have nothing nice to say about my story then don't even bother leaving a comment. You are just wasting my time.

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to leafwindblown <br />
Did you mean shudder? Shutter is a window covering. Please, I feel sorry for YOUR generation, who did not take advantage of an education given to them absolutely free.

You do not have to read them. This site is based on freedom of ex<x>pression. You may uncheck the box if you don't want to be notified about any comments. You have entered a tricky area, my dear, one that is clearly an open channel for all comments. You may choose to read or not to read, but you must not censor others. This is a place for freethinkers. I must add here however that to simply disagree is fine, but rudeness is certainly not allowed.<br />

That makes absolutely no sence leafwindblown. I was saying about my parents. If you don't like my story about them then u should not of left a comment.