JOY Really Does Come In the Morning

On january 1st 2002 i gave my life to God, that exact minute the devil started to throw things at me things i thought i should of never experienced at my age. I was 7 years old. Years after that i drifted away from him and  my realtionship with God weakened and my life started to fall apart. THen in 2008 i was admitted into valhalla BEHAVIORAL CENTER because i wanted to kill myself. My whole family and church was praying for me. When my youth pastor came to visit me i cried and he told me everything would be alright. When i came out the hospital thats when i decided to rededicate my life to him but it wasn't until 3 weeks ago about in may of 2009 that i really gave my life to God, yesterday i felt like i didn't want to live anymore but i woke up this morning and prayed and i felt like God was hugging me telling everything was alright that he loved me still and that all i had to do was trust him and he would fix everything. Tears fell down my eyes and at that moment i realized that God really does exist and he loves me no matter what. It's true that joy really comes in the morning!!! Today is a new day and i feel so refreshed thats what i love about being a christian that even though i make mistakes God forgives me and i can start all over again.Well now every problem that comes my way i just turn to God with it and he takes care of them. Now i can finally truly say I BELIEVE IN GOD. I think it's amazing cause i was so depressed and to come out of depression so quick i knew it was only by God's grace why i wasn't one of those teenagers that killed their self or died from being depressed or had to stay in hospitals for years and have to keep being admitted i know it's only by God's grace why im not their now, so to God be the Glory.

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God bless you little one. It is really no surprise that we want to be gone when we are young, there are so many temptations pulling at us from every angle. Eventually, we don't know which way to turn and it seems there is no way out. You, are one of the lucky ones to have had the belief instilled in you at an early age, which saved you from the death you were seeking. If you have not already, be sure to include Jesus in your prayers when asking for guidance, this will keep you on the path and give you more of the enlightenment you so obviously and earnestly seek!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience! it's very inspiring!