Power of Prayer

I believe in GOD, and what a blessing he has been. As a single man in my late 50's and self employed he has shown his love for me many times. God's timing is always perfect...   He is Awsome


handy2iam handy2iam
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6 Responses Jun 21, 2009

My husband too is self-employed, not easy in this day and age. But God has blessed us with my husband's talent, good health, to make enough money to live on, to enjoy his job, and to plant seeds of faith to all the people he works for.

God is good at love. Always praying to be able to receive it,<br />
however it floats towards my direction.

yes there is indeed a God. And unless you have the faith to believe, you won't be able to realise the small miracles & blessings that come from him.


Right on Mary,,,<br />
Keep listening to the "still small voice"<br />
If you are weary on life's road<br />
the Lord will make your heart rejoice<br />
If you will let Him take your load <br />
<br />

when I stop believeing in God and what he tells me,,,God is always there showing me its real,,,but all my life people have said I am crazy,,,God don't talk in a real voice,,,and church says I listen to the devil,,, so where do I fit in this world,,,I don't have a clue,,,but I will never stop believeing in God,,,Love Mary