God Saved Me Once

I believe in God because right now I shouldn't even be here :)


Not too long ago, I suffered an accident which involved me more or less drowning. I was unconscious for a week in hospital and the doctors told my parents that they could expect me to be brain damaged. But here I am, fully recovered and sharing my experiences! The doctors have never been able to determine what caused my accident or how I recovered unscathed.


I believe that God saved me that day, and that he/she/it wants me to do something good in the world. So I want to help as many people as I can before I go to meet my maker a second time ^_^

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He/she/it/~~~In the Bible He is always spoken of as a He.

Praise Jesus he helped you.

It was definitely God, ignorant people how can it b science, really, ya they need to read the Bible, and really take a good look at their lives and thank God for giving them life by placing them in their mother's womb, if not for our good Lord their parents would not of gotten Blessed by giving him life

Yes.. God loves You!! Read my story on God.

I had a similar experience a couple years back while snowboarding. It was a windy day, really cold and the snow was turning icy. I was not wearing a helmet and I was by myself going pretty fast when I saw a glassy ice spot ahead and I quickly turned to avoid it. As I did that a gust of wind pushed me and I was falling down head first onto the ice. Rite before I hit it I felt two hands on my back push me up and I turn to say thank you but no one was there. I immediately got down on my knees and prayed. I knew it was god or my guardian angel. I even saw a spirit, or god when I made my communion I prayed every prayer in the little book I got and when I looked up I saw a white figure with his hand out. At the time I was a young girl so I got scared and ran downstairs to my mom, but now I wish I stayed to hear what he had to say.

humans always want to justify things.so when they can't they say "god does it".but as time goes on they can justify them with science.so today nobody says god produces the rain and your case is just like that.50 years later you yourself will laugh at it.

Quite possibly. But for now I'll enjoy being me today, rather than worry about being me in 50 years time.

its good that you came up wanting to help but are you sure god saved you? I have brain damage from ecstasy and I know im the only one who can save my self. Spirituality i think is a bit different but bless =3

It wouldn't be faith if there wasn't some doubt somewhere :P

Here's a story for ya. JESUS CHIRST saved me. he is come in the flesh. I am his brother.I talk to god and he talks right back.one day while riding my bike i was about to ride face first into an oncoming 40mph horse trailor being pulled by a turck. I was doomed and i knew i was. my body was going to be crushed with no split second to turn my handlebars. i was riding about 24 mph and i knew i was about to die. suddenly im riding straight again. I stopped my bike screamed and started crying. saying Oh my god, Oh My God. I have been riding bikes for 15 years now. I know when I mess up. I was dead and i knew it. explain that, did the earths axis change only to push me to the left 3 feet so i wouldnt collide wih doom, or maybe the driver somhow teleported me to the left?? no. God saved me because i messed up.

:) you are a very smart person. jesus did save you. if the athiests writing posts on this forum
read the bible they might learn somthing? The reason the boy dies in the pool and you didnt is simple. there are billions of demons on earth right now. demons cause pain,hate,suffering,fear,anger, sadness, everything negative and peoepl to write athiest sht on forums about god.. god on the other hand is +. children are forgiven no matter what. That child is in a better place than any man can imagine. so thinking the child had it worse off than you is just ignorant. and only an ignorant atheist would even attempt to deny that everything you said is true. what a loser....god says to love your enemy, and love your neighboor. just by what he wrote he gets to experience his flesh burning off his body over and over and over forever. oh ya your flesh doesnt burn off in hell, wanna know y? because your imortal in hell just like heaven, only hell is allot worse. but hey if your willing to sacrifice your small 80 year life of disbelieving god for eternity, your loss lmfao.....

I have encountered the hand and will of GOD many times and it has always showed me he LOVES me and cares for me and thus my faith grows stronger and my relationship to him and Jesus GROWS DAILY. Funny so many believe in spooks ghosts spirits evil but yet reject GOD and all his goodness and glory. Science backs up so much of who what where GOD is and is all about, yet people still don't make the connection. Sad for them. Cause getting to know and knowing GOD is the greatest thing that will be unveiled to a human being in their life span...and for all eternity. So has science proven ETERNITY OR INFINITY?

I, also, believe in Jesus and GOD. Back in 1995, my child wanted to go swimming in the pool across the street from us. I am diabetic, and I took my insulin and ate a couple of hot dogs and figured I would be fine. My child was jumping in the pool, and I swam out to the middle- I noticed there was a man with his child (usually there was no one at the pool) and that was the last thing I remember. I blacked out in the deepest part of the pool. My blood sugar went down and I passed out. I started to go under the water, and, the man saw me go down and jumped in and saved me. The next thing I knew, I was sitting on a lawn chair near the pool, and my mother drove up to my house. I did not see the man that saved me. I have no idea who he was, or where he went, he was just gone! If he was'nt there, I would have died. I keep thinking that Jesus sent him to save me. That happened on August 18, 1995, and I will NEVER forget that day. Ever! There is a reason for me living- God has a plan for me, Im just not sure exactly what that is, but Im sure one day, I will know. Thank You, Jesus, God and Holy Spirit for helping me that day.

I believe in God and love God beacuse He created us to know , love and worship him.<br />
<br />
God created all the universe for us so why don't we believe in him ?<br />
<br />
Everything has a creator and so humans beacuse simply no human who is the most powerful creaure can create another human from A to Z and no human can save himself nor others from death at one day or make dead person alive again or prevent illness but GOD only can does all of that and more .

Fair enough.

its just perception.<br />
<br />
i dont believe in god, if i had being in your situation i wouldn't thank God for it and that would be my perception of it, but because you have your whole idea on how the world is you think God saved you. <br />
<br />
its the same as that kid who was stuck underwater for hours and hours and he should of being dead if he was an adult, but children are able to survive alot better than adults like that in those criumstances. It was a long time ago, can't remember what his body did to make him survive, i remmeber learning it in biology.<br />
<br />
but anyway<br />
<br />
yeah its just perception, thats what i think anyway.

well maybe you should percieve an eternity in a dark place constantly hungry thinking about your entire family and how ull never get to see them again forever... or maybe u should percieve the hundreds of gold chariots they found where moses split the sea, maybe you should grab a bible and read it before you burn for all eternity. the reason your an athiest is god doesnt want you, because you dont want god. he does state if your not with him hes not with you... he loves you but u make it hard for him.....

Not that I can remember. But that's why it's called faith :)

Thanks Celainn ^_^<br />
<br />
But it's good that they argued against it, because I still think it was God, despite all the other possibly more plausible explanations that they put forward. It feels good knowing your belief can take a few hits and still remain standing :D

i was kind of hoping you'd bring your whole time-travel theory out ... but alas, you held back :D

Your stories still inspire me to believe :)

I still believe you

Well I believe you have been blessed and God DOES have a plan for you.<br />
<br />
Severe brain damage is the result when a person has drowned beyond the point of saving, and you clearly are NOT brain damaged.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing your experience story with us.<br />
<br />
I have died 3 times due to medical negligence, and I have full and vivid recall of only one life after death experience. I cannot say why I don't recall the other two, but the one I do recall is as vivid as if it happened only 5 minutes ago.<br />
<br />
Please feel free to read the experience.....<br />
<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e=588925" target="ep_blank">http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e...</a><br />
<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Know-Death-Is-A-Special-Journey-Home/484722" target="ep_blank">http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/...</a>

Interesting story!<br />
<br />
And, well.... belief in God is your choice. Personally I don't see how anyone can look into the reality of things and deny that there is a God.<br />
<br />
Faith holding on to things your reason has accepted, in spite of your changing moods.

I understand you, but why do you need to call "god" to whatever the cause that you survived? Why just don't accept that you were lucky, that things just happen, people survives and people dies, it's just odds? why the need to call everything that you don't understand "god"? I mean no harm telling you this, it's just that i don't understand, how can people discard reason just saying things happen because god wants them to happen, and live in ignorance? with that kind of thinking we would still believe rain is a god.

You don't believe in God. Well why is the sky blue? No one can prove why, but it is. Is God real? It can't be scientifically proven, but he is.

People do know the reason the sky is blue. But I see your point. The thing that I have trouble with is to believe things that I can't see and prove real. I see that the sky is blue, so I can say it is blue, even if I wouldn't know why it is blue.

I can't prove god isn't real, or that "he" isn't. So I have not the right to tell other people a god exists. I can only say that I don't know, but I have more reasons to not believe in "him", than to do.

The Bible says that the evidence is all around us, we just choose to not believe.

That's why they call it Faith, Sammy. :)<br />
<br />
I discussed this topic with my friend, and she said that within every person there is a part of God which helps us to make the right decisions and act the right way. She said it's possible that this part of God could have guided the people who found me.<br />
<br />
At the end of the day, I'm just trying to find good in the bad. I could have died, and I need an answer as to why. My faith is the only thing that keeps me going in life, and I will not lose it because there is doubt shed on it. In fact, holding onto your beliefs in the face of doubt is a true test of your commitment.<br />
<br />
I wish you could see it my way, but I know that's unlikely to happen. Ah well.

I discussed this topic with my friend, and she said that within every person there is a part of God which helps us to make the right decisions and act the right way (it is called the conscienceness) Silverwings2012

At the end of the day, I'm just trying to find good in the bad. I could have died, and I need an answer as to why. My faith is the only thing that keeps me going in life, and I will not lose it because there is doubt shed on it. In fact, holding onto your beliefs in the face of doubt is a true test of your commitment.

Silverwings2012, I too was in a coma for about a week, after an overdose of pills, the Doctors said if I should live, I would be unable eat, or walk, or know anything, like a vegetable, they gave up on me and took away the ventilator that was keeping me alive, BUT GOD had other plans, and with my daughters praying for me along with others who were believers, soon I came out of the coma , and returned to my normal self, Praise His Holy name, I am now even able to drive, and I am obviously in my right mind, all thanks to my God.

As I said, no cause has ever been determined. The doctors assumed epilepsy because it seems I passed out, but they've never made an accurate diagnosis.<br />
<br />
Forgive me if I find it easier to believe in God than time-travelling heroes who work in secret :)

Sorry to hear you almost died, but i agree with sammy.<br />
Why were you drowning?<br />
Time travellers wouldn't pulled you out because they have to act in secret, instead, they warned the people who found you.

1. I was. I was found and resuscitated, but that might not have been enough alone.<br />
<br />
2. If so, I'd probably be infected with evil, whereas I try to remain as devoted to God as I can. Though I suppose the Devil could have, it isn't THAT far fetched :)<br />
<br />
3. You mean my descendants? My death wouldn't affect my ancestors. But time travellers doesn't explain the fact that I was found unconscious and fully submerged in the water. If the time travellers were saving me, surely they would have pulled me out?

I like that you question me :)<br />
<br />
I believe it's a test of faith. If I knew for definite that God exists and he HAD saved me, there would be no point in having faith or believing. It would just be fact.<br />
<br />
Maybe I died and "walked the spiritual path" or whatever, but God still needed me here. So he wiped my memory of the afterlife and sent me back.

Well, if I'm right and God saved me, perhaps I did experience it. God just made me forget again :D<br />
<br />
Heh, this explanation gets more and more bizarrely intricate as I go.

OH I forgot to mention, I actually drowned in a bath, and an incredibly fortunate series of events led to my being discovered before I went beyond saving.

I can't tell you what the drowning was like because I don't remember any of it. The last thing I remember is starting the water running, then nothing. I woke up in hospital not even questioning the fact that I was there. Normally, the first thing you'd ask was "why am I in hospital?" but this thought never occured to me.<br />
<br />
Not that I'm saying God is the only explanation, of course. But it's what I believe personally.

I also believe in God :)<br />
<br />
A lot of the time atheists and other non believing people tell us that 'there is no god because god can't be scientifically or mathematically proven'. <br />
But it's right here:<br />
"There is no painting without a painter, no building without a builder, no creation without a Creator. It has been scientifically and mathematically proven that you cannot make something out of nothing."<br />
(we weren't made out of nothing, but by the Creator)<br />
<br />
^That's from a book called 'God doesn't believe in atheists' by Ray Comfort and I suggest you read it. It's awesome! God bless you