Message From Mother Theresa

26. MAY .2009

Dear Riina, I am with You – Mother Theresa.

Now i tell you a message, what needs to be delivered to people.

I talk, through You, to them, who read my message.

I, Mother Theresa, have been on earth long years at your point of view, but here where I am now, time dosen’t exist.

During life on earth i have witnessed many sufferings, peoples afflictions and deseases, what may be seen in human body.

I want to tell you, dear people, those who suffer illnesses and suffer pain, that everything, what You have been doing to others, will come back to You.

I have seen, how much person suffers under indifference, caring about nothing, not about their life or that, what they have been doing to others by their own actions.

It is ill to see, how they are ****** and do nothing, though everybody can do much for themselves.
I talk to You currently through Riina, I Mother Theresa.
I want to say to all of You sweeties, so You would turn attention to yourself, take care of yourself and live through your thoughts and words, so that none of You would get hurt, because You yourself don’t want to get hurt.

There`s a lot of evil in the world, it is a constant struggle how to cope in life to be untouched by evil. People are not bad themselves because all of You are through God. People who do evil to others, who bring suffering onto others, are surrounded by evil spirits and are in the claws of demons. All bad comes specifically through them.

Be strong and fight yourself free, pray on starting your day and on ending it, ask for protection and presence of Angels around you.

Pray, in your words, only positivity in every day, so that evil can’t offer You temptations or set obstacles on your road.

I know, what I talk about, because I have seen(experienced) life on earth.

I want to say for conclusion, dear people, that it is right to live your own life and don’t decide for others or never condemn anybody, even those who in your eyes are bad.

All of You are through God and God loves you all equally.


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3 Responses Aug 2, 2009

So what should we do when we see a sick person ,?

Wrong about what? :) maybe you could enlighten us too??

Thank you for your comments :)