I've been a Christian all my life grown up in a Christian family shared my faith on campus with a Christian club, but everything changed at the beginning of this year.

I heard a man speak at a conference and for some reason it caused me to doubt my faith. I spiralled out of control. sitting in my engineering classes I couldn't concentrate on the prof and started hearing thoughts in my head. soon enough I thought God had left me. one day I was studying at home and was so full of fear I thought God had left me and that I cursed my family..

I packed my backpack with easentials and tried to leave the house. my dad tried to stop me but I wrestled with him, fought free and took the car. I drove downtown left the car at the airport walked the streets with socks on depressed and alone. I made my way to a homeless shelter where my cousin found me and brought me back home.

when I arrived home the cops brought me into the hospital, I didn't realize the cops had been searching for me and that I was on the local news. while in the hospital mental illness ward I attempted suicide thinking God had left me.

the next day though in the mental illness ward I saw a piano and began playing it. playing songs in the name of Jesus I had grown up hearing as a child. each day I saw people come and ask me play the piano for them. there was one man in particular who kept hearing voices in his head the same way I did, I offered to play worship songs for him and watched as God healed us both.

you may not think God is real, but I just wanted to share my testimony of how faith in Jesus restored my life. I'm not perfect and 90% of my restoration actually came after being released from the mental illness ward where I met with a Christian Spiritual councellor from my church. may this story serve to encourage you!!
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Wow that's an awesome testimony.. Through your struggle your faith became stronger

God is good all the time

and all the time, God is good. :)

True :)