God's Love

Allow God to lift your troubles

from your weary backs

and dissolve them in the ocean of his love


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BUT ALSO worship god and do your best in life.

Belief in God is a gut feeling. It has nothing to do with aliens or fairy tales. It is a personal sense that comes from experience. Belief in God has nothing to do with angels floating around on clouds or belief in anything in particular, just a sense that there is a rationale for what what is.

has god forsaken me or hhave i just missed the message

I don't believe in God. I don't believe in Jesus. I don't believe in Bible. I don't believe in Buddha. I don't believe in Krishna. I don't believe in Kings. I don't believe in Elvis. I don't believe in Hitler.<br />
<br />
I just believe in me.<br />
<br />
That's Reality.<br />
<br />
Thanks John! I love you!

PatrickDurden- I understand your logic<br />
however where the Tooth fairy and Santa Claus and other of the sort exist as ideas<br />
so can God<br />
God exists in many people minds simply as an Idea<br />
but the truth is that God is beyond ideas<br />
it's the acceptance of knowing that you know nothing of God<br />
because God in His Omnipotence is ever-changing.<br />
I agree that the vast majority choose to believe in God through fear of their death<br />
but that is a great jumping off point to discover the truth of Him.<br />
I guess what I'm trying to say is<br />
the only evidence you really need to prove that God exists<br />
is that you exist.

Right. What I have noticed many times in the past is people ar eperfectly willing to believe that God exists but question the existance of aliens or "monsters". They disbelieve in fairly tales because there is nor proof but they can believe that God exist. It is odd. I've always wondered and suspected that they believe in God out of fear. Fear of what happens when they die. It's the better safe than sorry ideaology. It is a strange contradiction. For my, if I believe in God I have to believe in the other thngs as well. You can't pick and choose which fairy tales to believ when they all have about the same level of evidence.

hey aliens are real, it is a complete impossibility that all the billions of planets and stars in the billions of other galaxies, and we are just pinpointed in a unique and unfathonable position? I don't think so, they have proof of organisms beeing on the moon etc. scientists have pin-pointed a few positions where other worldly life could be thriving because of the positioning of theirs star(s) (sun and moon(s). aliens are real. oh and so is the loch ness monster.<br />
<br />
but either way these things can be (dis)proved. as all you got with religion is democracy, brain-washing, faith and old fools.

I would still like to know why you believe in God?<br />
Do you also believe in the tooth fairy and santa claus? Or aliens and the loch ness monster.<br />
<br />
I'm not poking fun. Just trying to get your view points.

It is our deep rooted frustration and inability to change our situation at times that lead us towards making our faith in god stronger than ever.<br />
I have always been alone in this world with my deepest sorrows. People are always up to share the joys we have but the sorrows are what give us the feelings of loneliness because nobody honestly cares. Just because someone is listening to you does not necessarily mean that he/she is caring for you. People turn to support from unknown or mysterious spiritual beings when they have no one else to go to. Just lift your curtain and try to see the light ahead of you. You may be blinded initially but in the end this light will show you where and who you are. <br />
<br />
I am not a believer ladies and gentlemen. Faith is blind and it is a gift---and I do not want to curse my life with it's existence.

Where love is, there god is

Why do you believe?

God is.

I believe in God as well.

haha<br />
I can't move <br />
arms too big

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