Why Isn't My Relationship With God Isn't As Strong, As It Was In The Past

Something is wrong with that. I want to go to Heaven. Now I do is worry, worry, worry! Am I saved, I know I look at women's feet and shoes on the internet. I know it is weird and disgusting. But I get ver angry all the time. I just want to be happy also. I look at gorgeous women on the internet, and I been doing it for since the year 2000-2001. Some of the time, those stupid ads put sexy women on there, and so does this site. The internet is not clean. It just not. Well people say then get off then. But then I would be alone. I don't have any real friends. I wish I could travel, but I always at 24, have to use my dad's car. So I have to keep asking him, and it is so depressing. Because everyday, I have to wash dishes, and wash clothes. I can actually wash my clothes at a laundrymat. I can start doing outside activities. But it is just that courage to do it. I would love to go up to Chicago State, and see the activities going on there. Just to see what the campus is like. But I have never tried to meet people at my College. Sometimes, I think the girls up there think you are trying to flirt with them. Then they look at me, because of my weight. The worse part, my dad tells me that I do nothing but waste time outside. Why does everytime, I want to do something to help myself, he always tries to stop me. I would love to have a job. Better, than sitting at home, and worrying. Then he always give that, alright sound with his tone. I would like to see what is going on at Chicago State. Then he would say there is nothing going on there, because it is a Saturday. All he wants me to do is go to a healthclub. I want to make friends, I am sick of being lonely everyday.

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Remember my friend that we are all sinners on this earth. The fact that you worry about the things you do, means you are saved and will go to heaven. Just keep on fighting against the things that bother you and believe in Jesus the Christ and ask (pray) Him to help you to keep on believing and to love Christ.<br />
You are my friend in Christ and I pray for you!