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So I have always been completely fascinated by Greek Mythology but I was raised a Christian. I never fully believed in Christianity I believed that there was something out there but I would secretly question everything that I was learning. About two years ago I started reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books. These books made me think alot about my religion and my beliefs. They made me contemplate what I was raised to believe and what I feel to be true. After about a year of thinking and deep thought I finally found my religion. I believe that the Greek Gods exist and meddle in human affairs. I believe in the Greek view of the after life. I also believe that the gods do have affairs with mortals and have kids who become the most powerful people in the human world. I do not believe in God, the all powerful all controlling God. I believe that there is a being that has power over all just that it split itself into the Greek Gods to more effectively rule over the earth and space. I still classify myself as a Christian but with different beliefs than that of most other Christians. One big factor into my abandoning Christianity is because of how the Bible perceives gays. I am gay and the people and beliefs of the Christian faith did not accept me for that.
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I am fully with you there.

I'm new to the whole Greek thing myself lol


I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was raised Catholic and it never truly felt right! Its good to know that other people believe it too. Most people will tell me "Oh, it's just because you read Percy Jackson" but that's not true, it just made me more open-minded towards the possibilities of other gods.

I don't know if you are going to believe me but I am proud that you posted this story. I am proud that there are still people who believe in the greek gods. I love them as a part of my family, really. Is there a god you feel a strong connection with? I do. I just LOVE Ares! Not the romantic kind of love but...you get the idea. I just feel that he protects me a lot. I have a medalion of the god of war and I wear it every day. I am doing research(sp?) on where his temples were and if any survived. I really want to go there and make something nice...to thank him for the protection and all...I do it now, at home, but I just feel like I need to do it in one of his temples. I talk to him almost every day and I just know he is there and listens. He helps me, leaves SO MANY SINGS in my life to show that he is there.... I could be ''thinking'' he is the one who protects me because I might like the war and all (yeah, thats how other people expain it), but I love the sea. I feel like its my life. That means that if I picked it I'd want to say that its Poseidon who is connected with me. But its just that I have felt connected to Ares for years...many, many years. I can remember being 5...some things when I was 8. But I was very young when he started giving me sings....even when I was a baby!! My mom told me about that and I was amazed and did the math ;) I don't know why he picked me...I often wonder. But I really want to make him proud. I love him so much.
By the way, NOTHING wrong with being gay. People who say it is are bloody ********. You are great the way you are! Oh, and add me as a friend please. It would be great to talk to someone who believes in the things I do and understands what the gods do.

Hey I'm new to this but I also have a strong connection to two greek deities and I am obsessed with greek mythology and I am considering it as my religion

I also found my religion by these amazing books and there is nothing wrong about being gay (not that i am)

I know this sounds really silly, but i thankyou for posting this because those books are actually how i found my religion too. I believe that the greeks have different sides to themselves(romans for instance) and that they may meddle in human affairs, and that they have children with humans too, and basically everything that you stated; although i'm not to keen on the "split itself into greek gods" thing, I'm happy to hear that someone has pretty close views as mine!

i too believe in the greek gods and i should, after all im related to hephaustes

Really?! I am soooo connected with Ares! This is amazing! How are you related to him?