I was raised a christian yet i have always loved greek mythology i find it fascinating and quite frankly more believable than christianity and other because you could ask tons of questions about the earth and all that and you would find the answer in myths and whatnot!
I was a 'christian' till the age of 11 when we read greek myths in english i found it interesting and did some research i know now all there is too know about greek myhthology to be honest!
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I agree with you all

I completely agree with you, It just makes more sense!

I was raised in a roman catholic family and at one point I just realize that there is much more I could put my faith in than simply a single God, who so far, hasn't convinced me. Plus, one god who was once in complete control of everything?... i think the elements divided up is much more realistic. I would read the bible and go to church every sunday, but it just never really spoke to me as a lifestyle. Like I believe in similar beliefs as the catholic community does but as a whole, its not yet convinced me. And greek mythology is definitely an intriguing topic. But my problem is that I've grown up with a half belief in god but also strong beliefs in other things as well. So am i wrong to believe in both? I'm naturally a very open minded person, I guess thats a bit of a problem. I'm just very curious and I love to let in the new ideas. But its also very confusing.