Doea Hell Exist?

Does Hell Exist? What about Heaven?

Absolutely, yes. hell exists. I lived in it all my childhood. You know, that place where there is no respect for anyone, just pain, torture and abuse. That place where you're sad because daylight came and you were hoping you'd somehow be rescued in your sleep, and now hope that someone in the day will wisk you away to a safe place before dark falls. Yes, I definitely believe in hell. But I've learned something, "they" lied about heaven and hell. Yes, I believe in heaven too, and guess what?, It’s not some place , way out there for only chosen people. Heaven is actually here, we don't have to wait till our body drops to go there. You can actually move into heaven anytime you want. There is only one requirement. YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF! Loving yourself isn't all that easy when you've lived in hell all your life. Hell has a way of making you think you're crap. But it's all lies. You are amazing and when you finally see that and truly love who you are, you'll see that you’ll notice that you’re already living in heaven.

Heaven and Hell are states of mind.
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very well said.
ok, everything is a state of mind!!
where to you choose your state to be?

i think hell is now and heaven is when we leave this place and go to a better one