Imagine if you haven't been praying for a long time and you haven't been spending time reading the Quran either. You've spent your mornings at work and your evenings partying and getting drunk. What if you were driving and a car hits you all of a sudden.. At that moment your going to think of every bad thing you ever did. Your going to fear dying because you KNOW what you have been doing is wrong. Imagine taking your last breath.. What will you do next? There's absolutely nothing left to do. Once you die that's it, there's no second chance.. You can beg God all you want but once you die, it's over. Just imagine waking up in your grave and realizing everything you did in life wasn't important. All the drinking and partying and going after every female or male and using them just to get what you want, all that isn't going to help you get to heaven is it? Life is a test! Whether your going through a hard time or not, God is testing you. There are many people in their graves begging God to give them a second chance. Since your alive and moving why can't you start doing what God wants you to? If your not praying than start praying, if you aren't reading the Quran than start reading it, if your doing something that God forbids than stop doing it. I'm not perfect, trust me I've sinned but every night before I sleep I just think and ask myself, what did I do today and will that even take me to heaven? Maybe this won't make someone change but I hope you will at least try for your own good.
Zozolove Zozolove
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Thank you so much for posting this, may God bless you immensely. This was truly Him speaking to me through you, especially how I've been feeling lately, from all I've been through to where I'm at the current moment. Signs after signs but just too caught up in the worldly life and surrounded by these so called friends that are nothing but demons in disguise just waiting for my demise.

I'm glad this post helped you! 🙏