I believe in a Heavenly Father that created perfection, and that heaven is how Planet Earth was supposed to be.

God is an amazing and imaginative being, in my opinion. The earth was intended to last forever and ever, each plant, animal, bug, and human perpetuating itself for more through the connection of a tiny seed and egg.

I believe that heaven was created for humans to enjoy their Creator in an environment that was created for them, just like earth was in all its self-sustaining beauty and life. I believe that this earth was created for mankind to work, and enjoy the fruits of his labors - but the fruits of his labors weren't based on money. The fruits of his labors were literally, fruit, so that he could sustain himself. Because of this, I don't really believe that the ideal world turns on money, fame, and power. It turns on hard work, love, and sharing - which is hard to do when everyone is heaping up for themselves.

The earth was once simple. Till the ground, grow trees and vines bearing fruit, plants bearing vegetables, and share your life with the mate God provided for you. That meant, interestingly enough, sharing your work with your mate, and then you both share that with the children you have and teach them the same thing. If we could recapture that essence of perfection, and understand that it is entirely possible (still yet today), to live that kind of life; in peace and harmony with each other and nature, I think we can create our own heaven on earth, and our needs will be provided by the earth FREE OF CHARGE.

Since mankind was once exclusively vegetarian, there would be no need to kill animals to eat. I believe, in all honesty, that animals were supposed to be our friends, living side by side with us. It's interesting, because you can see this kind of harmony if you spend a week in a wildlife refuge. You're another animal, living with other animals. It's very interesting indeed, how they will make room for us.

I really don't think that heaven is like what most people see, even those who claim to be going there. I think it is VERY different from traditional views.

Like, suppose the Golden Road isn't really made of gold? What if the Golden Road is simply a path surrounded by wheat? Suppose, for instance that we think that a dwelling place is a mansion - but, as depicted in Avatar - is a large tree with openings for people to dwell in? Or, even a cave? Do you suppose that is why monks from centuries ago, lived in caves with dwelling areas carved out of them? Why they had, many times, just a small stove for cooking and heat - because they learned....the earth is self-sustaining and they mastered it. They wrote from plant herbs and fruits ground into powder and moistened, painted beautiful tiles and wall murals, and created for themselves the heaven they weren't meant to have - living only on the earth, without dependence upon money, and in perfect love and harmony together.

That is why the Tao is so captivating to me. And other religious writings which speak of an all sustaining God on a self-sustaining earth without toil. And people lived to be REALLY old...yet have the strength of an ox and the mental stability of a young adult in his prime.
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1 Response Sep 29, 2010 u think we create what we need in heaven?(like 'what dreams may come'write too)