I Believe In An Afterlife, ...

I believe in an afterlife, not sure if it will be like the heaven weve all been promised.

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Nobody can ever imagine how beatiuful Heaven is or how horrific and painful hell is, thats is why alot of people dont belive in either. I belive in Heaven, the bible speaks about heaven check out this website<br />
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No one knows for sure except those who have gone before us. I had a friend explain life and death as doors which open and close. Birth (our first door) opened this life to us, all the joys and experiences. The taste of apple pie and ice cream, snow falling on your tongue in winter, swimming in the summer time, the feel of the sun on your back, these are some things that people take for granted, but which are part of this life. They make life a paradise if we could only realize it. Then comes the closing of that door (death) Some say there is nothing behind that door, but I sincerely believe that doors allways lead somewhere. Maybe in our next life the sky will be green and the ocean purple. I don't know, but I do know that heaven (or whatever is behind the door) will be another paradise for us to live in. Good post - you get an A+