My Greatest Fear

Lots of people are afraid of normal things like the dark, or speaking in public places or heights, but not me.  My greatest fear is the fear of demons.  I grew up with a very religious mother who took me to a somewhat old fashioned church that liked to preach about Hell and demons more than any other topic. 

While staying at my mother's friends' house one weekend, I walked in on her children watching the Exorcist.  Knowing I could never get away with seeing this movie at home, I took advantage of the situation and sat down and started watching it with them, but it only made me even more terrified of Hell and demons.  I got scared that if I wasn't good enough I might get posessed by demons.  

Thats not a big deal for me anymore.  I do believe in Hell and demons, but getting possesed isn't a big fear of mine, though the concept of demons still freaks me out.

SerenaDragonfly SerenaDragonfly
22-25, F
Oct 1, 2008