Blessings An Miracles

I see it everyday in the little everyday happenings. There is a higher power at work here, some choose to call it whatever they choose.  I call it god, and god works through my savior jesus christ.  I know he exists cause he protected an shelters me in times of trouble.  he seems to answer my prayers.  He wont come right out in black an white or hold up a big billboard sign. But, if you really listen really pay attention, youll see the clues ive seen. True story, ive prayed for financial help at one point, an even though i still struggle, the one day i really needed the help, the next day there was a check in the mail.  halleluhiah!!! amen,  Ive had sadness an worry, stress an struggle in my life, i prayed to jesus an asked god to help guide me, his guidance, his will, and low an behold, he placed among me a sense of peace an serenity.  God is there for me an for you.  The only thing is he is not a bid an call person, there to only do what we desire , he is there to provide what we need.  And we should worship him give him thanks, stop the sins an do right.  I was one to speak of sin, i myself was an is asinner, i turn those sins over an repent against them, make a change.  He wants me an others to be in the book of life, i believe we do this by repentance, salvation, and an obedience.  For myself I see miracles an blessings happening everyday of my life an feel blessed an joyed to have that privelage.

ann9265 ann9265
41-45, F
Feb 11, 2010