Hope Is That America Will Survive the Financial Crisis We Are In and We Will Get Something Substantial In the Way of Real Leadership.

I didn't vote for Mr. Obaba or more properly President elect at this point . However be that as it may, despite that ,it is my feverant desire that this country will move forward and survive as a viable entity for all of us. I hope He will in plain words tell us what his plans are for this country and how he is going to solve the current crisis. MnM
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Thank you Blue for the commentary. We face a real tough time ahead and world confidence has never been lower in the American Dollar it sure dosen't look real good for our nation as we spiril downward and money isn't going to grow on trees for anyone. Hopefully our politicans can stop fighting long enough to actually do something for the people instead of blaming each other for all this mess.<br />
Therein actually is the spirit of my comment.

Lil Annie . Thank you I'm sure it was just a honest indication of your naturally enthuiastic nature at this point. Funny how we can turn adversity into friendship when we treat each other with a little respect really. That was very gracious of you. Bye the way I certainally didnt mean for you to forgo expressing your opinion, please put em back just in one location they werent offensive in and of themselves. LoL<br />
We just choose to disagree. ;-)

Nice post. I agree with you completely. I believe in hope also.<br />
<br />
Hope he does something 240000 people lost jobs in October.

I'm sorry. You're right. I did dump too many comments all over your story. I took them out, even though Agreen's response to my comments make no sense now. LOL!

The person who will change my views on Obama will be Obama and he has a rare almost unpresidented chance to do so. I clearly stated that "whoever holds that office should recieve our support". <br />
Noone is entitled to blind unquestioning faith in my humble opinion. I have grave and legitimate concerns about him, it is true. <br />
I didn't attack him, yet can't help but feel I am being castigated for using the forum which was put forth in a serious manner to address my concerns. Which I did with dignity and respect. <br />
I did not write this to be used as a dumping ground for folks personal opinions about the Republican or the Democratic party pro or con. how good my ears work etc. Other than defending the silly little twerp who started out insulting me, I have no issue with you at all Marji. We just choose to disagree comes to mind. LoL<br />
I am not going to be drawn into a comment about Obama;s ears by Jim and you can tell him I said so. But maybe a good hat might be in order when he visits the Windy city Lol Ok, Ok tell him he won I did! hahahaha he's the man. All in fun kiddo.

He's a geek -- in a good way.<br />
<br />
The republican philosphy is to think that government should be eliminated, so they don't make good managers of government. But instead of giving us smaller government, they just gave us an even larger goverment that is run more poorly than ever before.<br />
<br />
If we are going to have government, why not try to have government that works well?

That's a big chance already -- choosing smart, capable people, instead of cronies.

Again, "I was trying to comment in a tolerant and respectful manner about what I would like to see come about. Regarding hope for this country. Which as I understood it was the reason for this section."<BR>It is no great secret that I beleive that the two party system is not serving the needs of everyday Americans very well these days. I am not an avowed Republican, Nor a Democrat.<BR>In answer to you Marji, I tend to look at what politicans have actually done rather than what they say as it is my beleif that they will say anything to get into office any of them. I remember well The Kennedy years and the hidden bull crap that forever hid the real reasons he was assinated. Ya might remember him a nice "Irish" Catholic boy who brought hope to this country at a time when it was in turmoil. (for those that don't know, I'm a Mick.) I didn't comment here to start a bunch of crap or put up with any. I simply stated my "hope" that more information about our new president will be forthcoming now that he is our duley elected leader. Despite the potshots it remains my feverant desire that this president is "Good for America." The fact that I choose not to vote for him for what I considered to be good and clear reasons is really iirrelevant <BR>fact is Marji, Had nothing to do with paying man dues or being a vet. Although seeing folks attack Mccaine because he was put a real bad taste in my mouth as it did many Americans. Anyone who holds the opinion that our nations vets are epso facto war mongers is a damn a s s !<br />
Had a lot to do with not being able to find out who he really was. Don't care for his senate bill regarding global poverty which is a monstrosity in my opinion. and what I percieved to be a real lack of experiacnce for the job.<BR>as well as his voting record. All fair and equitable reasons to judge a candadites performance. His associations are troubling as was his choice of the execs from the re scandal for campaign consultants.<BR><BR>Despite this. I will reinterate.<BR><br />
"I HOPE HE TURNS OUT TO BE A GREAT PRESIDENT!" However that does not mean I have to tolerate attacks like your friend leveled at me simply because I have good clearly stated questions well within the actual point of this forum. I am not now nor likely ever to be bowed under the weight of numbers or tolerate attack just to feed the ego of some twit like her. Commentary like that will do nothing to move this country forward in any fashion. It had no point except to insult me and certainally didn't clear anything up in my mind as she hopefully isnt a representive or spokesman for the president. <BR>On a side note, anyone who hopes he fails miserably needs to remember this . <BR>America is on the line.<BR>Expect folks to respect your views in the same vein that you show respect for theirs.

i believe that anyone who is in the office of the presidency should be prayed for to do the right thing. Like I have stated before, I wrote in Mickey Mouse as president, but I wanted known that I take my right to vote serious but had distain about both candidates everyone had narrowed them down to. Anyway, who ever is there, I support anyone trying to help, even though some of the things they represent I may not agree with and I respect others with other opinions than mine.

He has a very full plate, MnM. But I believe he will do his very best and make the very best decisions he and his team can possibly make. As is human nature, he will make mistakes. I don't believe him to be perfect, but I do believe he has the conviction and strength to make a real change. <BR>It is a new day and the hope that America feels is a much needed tonic. Fear has had the reins far too long. We, the collective we, need to feel hopeful.<BR>I also think it is important to remember that we need to pull our own selves up by the boot straps. Everyone needs to do their fair share. We can't behave as wild teens and expect our goverment to take the roll of parent. "By the people and for the people" I believe he will stand by this, I really do.

Marji, I love ya tons. But in fact she did mean desrespect. fact is she dosen't know what a real battle is, has suceeded only in royally ******* me off at a time when I was trying to comment in a tolerant and respectful manner about what I would like to see come about. Which as I understood it was the reason for this section. She has nothing but distain coming from me.<BR>I truly hope Obama does turn out to be what so many hope for. I fought for others rights to think and speak their mind freely as well as vote their concience. <BR>If she had something intelligent to say to me and i simply disagreed with it , that would be one thing. She obviously didn't , it is now apparently not my right to even state my opinion according to her without being subjected to her crappy attitude.<BR>I don't respect smack artists. I took it as it was intended. <BR>Hugz,<BR>MnM

Did you say open up my ears? Really? Had you simply ststaed see such and such a clip on youtube or something simular I would know I was talking to someone who was capable of something besides spouting retoric. Don't apreciate your inane attitude, and do nothingt answer or comment. Hardly comforting under the circumstances. Bite me!