Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Ever noticed the word 'magi' in imagination?

- there is much written about the origin of this word magi...but only from the modern world since the written word was developed as a tool

long before the written word magi or shaman or wisdom keepers understood the depths of our minds potential deeply and utilised its powers to influence and shape and flow with the natural magics of the world...

indeed imagination is far more important than knowledge - long since our world devalued the imagination and deteriorated its influence to that of fantasy and day dreaming we lost an essential human capacity to truly enter into the spiritual forces of the world and be influential and influenced by the creative magic of imagination...

knowledge is indeed the blunt tool we have used to smash the world into submission - imagination was once and must become again in the future the resonating force with which we carve our bold new future out of the human need to heal this world and ourselves in it and leave for our grandchildrens grandchildren a world replete with magic again. Sadly our global approach to education has been to destroy creativity and imagination in our schools and youth...WTF?

See Sir Ken Robinson speak on this topic here at

Imagination - I magi nation - a nation influencing creativity that fills my soul...something which can only empower us all to go beyond the limits of mere knowledge.
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Wisdom and imagination seem so pristine because knowledge, on the other hand, is something that can often change throughout history. While facts are distorted or renewable ba<x>sed on view something as intuitive as a good mythos or memorable imagination will last the test of time.<br />
Thank you for writing what you have

Socrates wisdom counts more today than ever - "Know Thyself" ArabianMonster...within you (each of us) is an almost bottomless ocean of learning...when love and light are applied to that potential rainbows of deeper understanding and comprehension and imagination are made available for our senses and spirit...<br />
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sadly our institutions of education have mis-construed the meaning of the Socratic wisdom and only pursued the amplification of the mind ba<x>sed pursuits of knowledge - these are merely tributaries feeding into the larger ocean of the ehart and imagination and spiritual inspiration<br />
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so study hard and complete your time there as quickly as you can and then embark on the journey of your life's fulfilment in the world one where your inner guide is the teacher and your bliss the pathway you follow to fulfil your spiritual purpose<br />
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blessings on your path ArabianMonster

That's what we're all aiming for (but sadly our university isn't implementing the same philosophy with their approach to teaching us :P)<br />
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Excellent entry as always, Dread! Thank you for sharing :)

well said heavyduty1<br />
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thank you for imagining your response and sharing it...

one day I imagine we will let it be :-)

I really enjoyed this post....and I do agree with you....knowledge and imagination along with everything else needs to have a balance in our lives.......most of us forget about maintaining that balance....Then wonder why we're so unhappy.....maybe one day we will get it right.

My magical friends SugarSpiceSoNice and Vignette...let us all radiate beauty, love and a light of imaginative creative possibility

Wonderful to hear destry...imagination, creativity and dreams are the exactly the binding clues we need to strap the wings of hope on our global movement into the future