Perhaps It's Just Me

My emotions don't fade easily, though some are compounded and mixed with others as I learn more about the people in question. This means that every emotion I have ever felt toward someone, I still feel - love being one of the most powerful.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I read that as immoral love

Immortal. Though, if you think it's immoral I'd be curious to know why you think so.

Immortality is immoral


Waste of resources on one person

How do you define "waste of resources?"

The main thing I'm getting at is that if you start distinguishing between whether or not its a waste to use resources on a person based on how long they've lived (as opposed to productivity, for example), then you could just as easily say that older people deserve to be alive less than do younger people.

Maybe they do deserve to be less alive. Everyone has only so much resources to consume.

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