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I am not a scientist...nor a religious scholar.  I do, however, have cognitive abilities.  I have senses....eyes to see, ears to hear, and a mind to weave together all the things I observe .  I weave them into a cohesive view of the world and the heavens.  Of life , and the origins of life.

To me, the scientific view of the "big bang" and the religious view of "divine creation" are not mutually exclusive.  I find it perfectly plausible that science is the means by which God, in whatever incarnation you believe, employed to carry out His will.  All the laws of science, all the perfectly synchronized phenomena of the "natural world" , are beautifully orchestrated miracles. 

If you choose not to be a person of faith, I feel that is your right. But I find it incomprehensible that anyone could experience the simple act of watching the sky....and not see the hand of God everywhere.
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Thank you, MarkusGP......excellent comment!!! I appreciate your thoughtful words!!!'<br />
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Indeed, fascade...thanks for the comment..

Those that write off intelligent design are in effect dismissing any notion that there may be an entity superior to a human. How narrow minded and arrogant can one be?<br />
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There are many scientific aspects that point to an intelligence beyond our comprehension. Specific laws of physics that would have to have been of absolute magnificent coincidence, etc.

Does the unknowable make my observations any less valid? I don't think so..but you are, of course, free to make your own choice....I don't try to persuade anyone to my view. I simply state what it is. Your viewpoint is every bit as valid as mine. But mine!!!<br />
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Thanks for the thoughtful comment!!

One god, many gods? Still taking an active roll today or did (he/she/they) start things rolling and step aside? And of course the big question who created god?

Thanks, koyptakh....your point is well taken!!!<br />
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Hi calistosvengeance<br />
I agree but think you need to be careful with terms. God can be everything but is a truism rather.<br />