Looking For My Soulmate!

Hello everyone!

I'm single and never fell in love. ever!

In my place, dating is not part of our culture, people get married through arranged marriage. I'm not saying it's wrong or that I'm against it, not at all! because it worked for many people and my parents are a perfect example.

But for me personally, marriage is a huge step and something that you can't just try it and leave it anytime you like, it's something that you should stick to and will effect your life in a big way...! so, marrying someone that I've never met before or knowing almost nothing about is something that's hard for me to do.

So far, I have a successful life...I have my job and I'm completing my education in University, means that I have a plan for my future and I'm working on it. So, I don't want to risk loosing that by marrying a [stranger].

As I mentioned earlier, I can't go on dates...that's why I've tried to meet people online, I've signed up in some online dating websites, but I didn't like the idea.

Some of you may find this weird - but I have always dreamed of marring a man from different culture and country.

I'm not saying that men in my country are not good enough, but it's just something that I find romantic and beautiful.

I know it's stupid to say something like that, because you can't control your emotions and choose who is the one that you will fall in love with...

Well, anyways...as I mentioned before, I have signed up in some dating websites, but they only (match you) with people from the same country.

So, I would like to know a different way to meet someone online.

How can I find good person online who's serious about having a future with me?

Thank you!
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good luck and you will get a good man i hope that,
and i want ask you where are come from?

Thank you. I live in Saudi Arabia

Ready to have internet relationship with you

Hi, it was nice chatting with you. I was just looking back at your profile and this story you wrote. Well just for your information I am single, a very honest and caring gentleman, hard working and ready to meet someone that wants to become very good friends first and see if a romance blossoms. Getting married someday is something that would certainly interest me. I am of a different culture and country. Also, dating over here is permitted. Perhaps you should do a semester of study abroad. Here in New England (Northeast United States) there are many highly rated Colleges and Universities. Stay in touch and we will chat in IM again.<br />

I had a good time too, thank you!

I understand exactly what you are thinking and feeling. Many younger women from cultures that practice arranged marriages are opting for doing it differently and meeting men to date and fall in love with before marriage. I wish you very much luck and if you would like information on dating sites and other alternatives here in the United States please feel free to contact me. You can send me a private message from my profile.

Thank you!, I've tried many dating websites and I gave up on them.

Not that it is any more productive than others but it is free and not filled with a lot of crap. I have never been scamed or spammed through it either. www.plentyoffish.com

Honey, I don't think it's stupid at all!

Thank you guys for your comments, what you said really helped and gave me confindent <br />
because I was not really convinced of online realationships .. but then I've seen some stories in real life that have changed my mind a little!<br />
<br />
I'm not in rush to get married tho ...<br />
as I mentioned above that I'm having a very good life as a single ..

I'm sure you can find a wonderful person online. Places like here have people from all over the world. So don't limit yourself to the same country like you mentioned. I met someone on another site and knew more about them via our conversations before we ever actually met in real time. I felt closer to her than any other lady I ever dated face to face from day one. Maybe you're looking too hard? Relax a bit and enjoy some friendship before the dating starts. Guys don't want to feel trapped right away. If you're too ready to get married they may run away before they really get to know the real you. Just my thoughts on this.