North Carolina Changed My Life

I was far from popular in high school. In fact I was the fat kid that basically everyone picked on. I had a few friends. The ones I did I have I held on to my heart... I had a best friend her name was Chelsie. She was kind of popular. She played softball, and always got attention from the boys. But for some reason she wanted to hang out with me. She made me feel so special. Eventually our friendship got old to her, and she dropped me like a bad habit. School started becoming rough for me, I was getting sick a lot... in and out of the hospital... so I thought it was best, that I tried to get my high school diploma at home. Yeah, right... I couldn't focus while being on the internet... I stayed in chat rooms. I had so many friends! So many people wanted to be my friend and talk to me! How could I focus on home work??! I went through a few "Online relationships" which were crap. Because not only did they lie about who they were, but I will admit... I lied about what I looked like... because I was ashamed, I hate ABSOLUTELY hate the way I look. Then I met CJ. April 4th. Mutual friends of ours invited us into a yahoo conference together, I didn't pay him any mind because I was already in a "relationship" with this guy named "Tripp" who I hadn't spoken to in weeks. CJ... He just, kept trying to talk to me... messaged me on MySpace, My Yearbook... everything.. finally around the 8th or 9th I started talking to him.. He was so sweet. He was from North Carolina, he lived with his mom. He had a dog & a cat. He had a webcam! So I knew what he looked like, and I had a webcam... so I got on it for him... He is the first person that EVER saw FULL body shots of me (fully clothed)... he didn't care... he was falling in love with me... and I... I was doing the absolute same. April 13th... we made it official. I told Tripp that I didn't want to be with him, that he was a phony, and I started dating CJ. We agreed, that if we were gonna date, that we weren't going to do the long distance thing, so... I decided that I was going to move from Ohio, to North Carolina... BOY did my family have something to say about that. But on April 28th, I loaded up my van... kissed my daddy goodbye... & headed to North Carolina. & here I am 3 1/2 years later Married as of (October 27, 2012) I have a dog, and a cat... and a Husband... and I couldn't be happier. Love happens.... let it.
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Thats beautiful! I hope all works out for you. You give hope to so many by sharing your story.

Thank you so much. It wasn't very well written.. I haven't written in a while... but i tried. :)