All I Want Is A Real True Friendship With People

I am looking for a friend who can write back and forth about just any thing, from persanal feelings to what ever!
Where I am from it is hard to find good friends weather they are male or female because people are always so busy. I do beleive in internet relationship, I was in a group of males and females, who were married, or single, we would have a blast in this site. I had meet someone on this site, became very good friends but we lost each other do to a computor problem. I have missed them very much.
So I am looking for good friends to be in contact with, people who get crazy ounce in awhile, have fun, most of all I don't want to get involed with people who are angry, or upset at other people, life is to short for that.
So just leave a message O.K. Bye ME.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

I am looking for the same. I'm not shy and would love to chat with another who is just as open as I am.